Who wouldn’t want to rent this place?

Update: On Monday, the hubs called the potential tenants for E1 and told them that he approved their application. They were so excited and asked if they could move in on Wednesday (they originally said they were looking to move mid-October). He said yes (the sooner, the better) and was supposed to meet them Tuesday (yesterday) to sign the lease and pick up the keys. And then they backed out.

My oldest two boys have been enjoying playing with the kids from the old neighborhood, while my youngest is mostly keeping himself entertained inside. Vacant houses (especially when they’re clean enough that Momma lets you on the carpet) are so fun.

ring pop ring pop2

(Thanks for the ring pops, Grandma!)

He came to me with a piece of sidewalk chalk that he found in the bushes in the backyard and said, “Oh no! We forgot this when we moved!” You would have thought he found a diamond ring, or something of even more value, like a Thomas train. He was so seriously relieved to have found it so that we could make sure and bring it home with us.

He came to me a bit later and said, “I put my name on the door so people will remember that we used to live here.”


I reminded him that we have a door that he is allowed to write on.

pantry door

And he wrote his name there also, because he’s at that age where writing his name is so exciting.

cal cale2

When I was uploading those pics, it reminded me of this one.

Cale flash

Ironically, it was taken this same week of October, one year ago. He was going through a phase where he was asking to be called Flash. He just happened to dart into the kitchen while I was taking pictures. I thought the blur was fitting.

Anyway, this blog is about house/DIY stuff, not my adorable children.

So yeah. The kitchen is pretty much looking just like that again. Woohoo!

The entire house is just about back to normal. Better actually. The garage is much cleaner. 🙂 Even with the tenant’s small pile of crap that we have to store for three more weeks.

That water issue is still TBD. We wanted to finish all the almost-completed tasks before we opened that can of worms wall. I think the hubs is planning to tackle it tonight, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated. (We’ve left the water off, of course.)

Remember the flower bed?


After pulling weeds and raking up all the dead leaves, old mulch, and occasional candy wrapper (this guy must have had a serious candy problem), it looked like this.

rake flowerbed

Lots of potential, right? Nothing a little mulch and mums couldn’t fix.

mulch mums mums

Then, since I’m me, I revived an old bench and made a couple Fall-ish pillows. (“-ish” because I never fully embrace Fall.)


fall pillow

That chevron will work perfectly in Summer (at my own house), while still having the yellow of mums and orange of pumpkins for Fall.

Oh yeah. Some pumpkins.


(Ignore the dead grass. Norman has been water rationing for a long time, I think. Not that this guy would have been watering, but the entire street is less green than usual for this time of year.)

You know flowerbeds aren’t my thing, but this is cute, right?


Who wouldn’t want to rent this place?

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