Shelf Paper Shortcut

Hey, I just wanted to show you guys a real quick tip today. It might be one of those things that everyone else has known since 1983 that just took me years to discover. I’m not sure.

So if you’re all, “Um, duh. My grandma showed me that when I was seven,” then why the heck didn’t you tell me move along.

We don’t always replace shelf paper in between every tenant. I remember when I was a renter, and I kinda liked to do my own shelf paper. That way I know it’s clean and fresh, plus it’s a small way to let your own tastes and personality show. There aren’t usually a lot of possibilities for that while renting, ya know.

But then other times, it’s so obviously past its prime and the previous tenant (or several) didn’t change it, so I go ahead and do it. This is one of those times. We put new shelf paper in when we bought this house in 2007, and it hasn’t been changed since. Most of it is still fine but the pantry was so disgusting that we ripped it all out, and one linen closet was bubbling and peeling up, so I decided to do those two areas.

Shelf paper is no joke. Have you guys ever applied it? It’s one of those things that a monkey could do, and that look so easy. And then you try it and realize it’s serious stuff. It gets all stuck to itself and it bubbles up as you try to smooth it down while simultaneously peeling the backing off as you go the length of the shelf. It’s especially difficult it you’re trying to maneuver a large sheet of it in a tight area. So any time-saving tip for this job is a welcome one, imo.

Instead of trying to roll it all out and measure and then cut along those grid marks on the back, I like to cut it before I even open it. Brilliant, right? No? You already knew that?

shelf paper

I measure where on the roll that I need to cut, and then I cut the end off before removing the plastic packaging.

cut off end

shelf paper ends

Don’t judge my choice of shelf paper. These rolls were left by a tenant who clearly had good intentions. Free is awesome, especially right now. Not that I hate it; it could be so much worse. (What’s with the pitiful options out there?)

lined shelf

linen closet linen closet cutie

So there you go. Saves time and frustration.

That’s all. Happy weekend, you guys.

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