My Three Sons

E2 rented right away, just as expected, and we also have a signed lease and deposit on E1. Woohoo! Because of how late in October it’s getting, all applicants we had on E2 didn’t want to move in until late November, which is another month without rent income, but it is encouraging that people actually care about finishing their leases and/or giving their landlords 30 days notice. (So, I’m calling E2 rented, but there is still plenty of time for people to back out, and forfeit their deposit of course.) E1’s tenants are moving in next week.

Now that this fiasco is coming to a close (well, not counting the time we’ll hopefully get to spend in court if we ever get people served), I can now give you a pretty good estimate of what the last few months have cost us in lost rent income, repairs, court costs, etc. It looks like we’re sliding in under $10k. So hooray?

Yeah. About nine grand. That’s a lot of money, y’all. Thankfully, the materials for our master bathroom have already been purchased, so we’ll get right back on that. All my guys are going camping this weekend, and I’m helping a friend with a project, but next week we’ll install vanities that have been partially completed and sitting in our bedroom for weeks (months?). (Unless we decide to risk Ebola and go to Fright Fest at Six Flags since we already have the passes purchased.)

We were either going to start on the kitchen or on finishing out the attic/above-garage bonus room next. (We hadn’t agreed which project was next yet.) Neither of those will be happening any time soon. Our rent income pretty much funds our home improvements, as well as vacations, cars, date nights and any entertainment that we do (but let’s be honest, date nights are at Lowe’s). It’ll take us quite a while to recover from these last few months. We won’t be vacationing for a few years, unless the hubs’ job is footing the bill, which sometimes they do. We also won’t have any dates until probably our 20th anniversary. And we’ll be driving the same old vehicles until we hand them down sell them to our children.

So yeah. It sucks to lose a lot of money. It sucks real bad. But, thankfully, we’ve been at this a while and had some money in the bank for times like these. No one is going hungry around here and we just had a vacation (which we wouldn’t have taken if we could have seen just a couple weeks into the future) and our cars run and we’ll be able to finish the bathroom. We’re not on the verge of financial ruin, but as you’ve probably figured out, we’re very conservative financially and want to be prepared in case this ever happens again. So, rather than continue to hemorrhage money, we’re in a saving phase. But I’ve got plans for some cheap/free renovations lined out already, so definitely hang around after the bathroom project.

Enough about all that depressing stuff.

So I had this hammered gold disc necklace that I liked a lot, but it was really longer/heavier than I wanted. Because of the weight of the discs, it kinda got twisted in a funky way with it being long. Also, I have another long gold necklace that I am absolutely loving right now, so I didn’t mind messing with this one.

I figured since I’m not wearing it long, I might as well modify it and get some wear out it. And I didn’t at all consider blogging about that, so I didn’t get a before pic. But then I decided to blog about what I did with the discs that I removed, so then I grabbed an after shot of it for you.

midi disc necklace

The lighting/flash made it look two tone, but it’s not. That’s just user error. You know I don’t know anything about taking pictures.

It’s like midi length now. I’m not sure if “midi” has been used for necklaces yet or not, but it’s not short and it’s not super long, so I’m calling it a midi necklace.

hammered disc necklace 2

Obviously I won’t actually wear it with my “But First, Coffee” pajamas. How cute is that, btw? My brother (who reads this blog faithfully, I’m sure of it) made it back when he had a t-shirt business. Also notice that bob I’m rockin’. Anyway…

I opened the jump rings (pretty sure that’s what they’re called) with some tweezers and removed some discs from the long disc necklace.

jump rings

The discs were mostly all of the same size, but there were a couple smaller sizes right up by the clasp. I made sure to remove each size so that I’d have three different sized discs for my project.

I bought a set of necklaces since we’re in a saving phase. 🙂 Hey, it was my birthday not too long ago and these were only $5 for a set of three from Walmart.

necklace set

I specifically chose something that had the little hooks on each side instead of a dangling charm type. I did that because my discs have the rings on each side instead of one on top, so it saved me the step of cutting the chain and adding jump rings. Did that make sense? I’m sure this kind of necklace has a name, but I don’t know it.  Walmart had several options, if you don’t need this kind. (Hobby Lobby and Michael’s both also have affordable chains for making your own necklaces.)

I had already removed one of them before I decided to blog about this. I kinda just have in my head that this is a home improvement blog, but then sometimes I’m like, “hey, this is a DIY blog. That includes modifying jewelery. Someone might be inspired.”

I left the jump rings open when I removed the necklace piece and then slid the disc over the open jump ring and closed it back with my tweezers.

disc necklace hammered disc necklace

I made one in each of the three different sizes, so they can be layered and represent my three sons.

layered disc necklaces

I have lots of “empty” rings and bracelets, but almost all of my necklaces are symbolic in some way. I don’t know why that started happening, but it did.

Obviously these aren’t pieces I’ll be handing down to my daughter granddaughters, but they’re fun for now. Until the chains turn not-so-gold anymore. 🙂 Someday when we’re not in a saving phase, maybe I can get three of these from Stella and Dot. Or you guys can send them to me for Christmas. You’re the best!

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