Always Tweaking, Never Twerking

I’m always changing things. Always. Not like completely overhauling every room, but tweaking. Always tweaking. Not to be confused with twerking. Never twerking. Whatever that is.

Usually it happens in areas that I never really declared finished to begin with. And sometimes it’s because I realize something isn’t functioning well. Life is too short to be frustrated by poor function just because you committed to something. Uncommit. This isn’t marriage.

The entry/living room/formal dining/craft area has never been finished. It won’t be for a long time. The ceiling needs some sort of attention (not sure yet what I want to do with it).


The wetbar is definitely in need of some love. I’m still unsettled about whether or not to paint the fireplace surround. Also not sure about the tv location.

wet bar fireplace

I want to open up a wall to the kitchen.


So many plans.

And that’s fine. We haven’t even officially done that area yet. I’ve just done enough to feel comfortable and a few projects along the way as I think of them. Like the calendar pop art, the formal dining/craft table, the coffee table, the Poang recovering, the paint stick/shim mirror, the powered sofa shelf, a ceiling fan, curtains.

But I haven’t actually done the real work. Painting, construction, etc. For some reason, I’m always tweaking until I do so. I think I just don’t like the room completely yet (because we haven’t addressed the real issues), so I keep tweaking things trying to make it prettier or more functional.

And sometimes I just find a sign I like.

home sweet home

Or a fabric I love.

shower curtain

Or another “M” that we can’t live without.

letter m

So that leads to shifting things around a bit. No big deal, but always changing.

And then sometimes things just don’t work as well as I had hoped. Like the boys nightstands.

hardware on nightstands

They’re perfectly sized for in between their beds and I had high hopes for them keeping them organized and clutter free. I don’t know from whence that hope came. They’re boys. Little disgusting pack-rat boys.

ross pillows

I thought the drawers would hold a box of tissue, some chapstick, maybe the current book that’s being read. Nope. The top surface and the floor hold all that. As well as a collection of toys that need to be put away. Guess what goes in the drawers. Lego. Always Lego. (Did you know the plural form doesn’t actually have an “s”?)

nightstand top

These nightstands have become one more place for them to stash in-progress works of genius. Sorry boys. No genius stashing around here.

20140625_211142 20140625_211110 20140625_211035 20140625_211011 20140625_210950

They have an entire room that’s devoted to Lego. Well, kinda. They would if we would get on that already.

So anyway, I took away their nightstands. They’ve been replaced with a couple of Bekvam spice racks that I picked up last time I was at IKEA. They’ve been painted Tropical Foliage to match their beds. That brings the total to eight in this one room. I mean really…can you have too many Bekvam? No. The answer is no.


That should keep the clutter at bay. Just enough room for a bottle of water, some chapstick, and maybe a box of tissue. Someday when they prove their maturity, responsibility, and cleanliness, I might give them back some nightstands. (Ha. As if they care. They just pile their crap on whatever is in their sight.)

While we’re in here, let me show you some other tiny tweaks. I had to move their dog and a picture frame from the nightstands. So I shifted around some stuff. I also grabbed a #3 sign from Hobby Lobby that I had eyed for a while, but thought was too expensive. Until they clearanced it at 80% off. (It’s just a number glued onto a piece of tin.)

chevron 3

I like the orange chevron pattern flanking the map. (‘Cause I’m weird about repeating like that.)

chevon flank

So of course that started a domino effect. The hubs saw that I moved out the nightstands and was all, “are you getting rid of those already? We just made those.” Pshhh. No. I’m not. “Oh, so you’re piling them up in the garage?” Pshhhh. No. I’m not.

I moved them to our room. We need more drawers. For OUR in-progress Lego creations. Just kidding.

The lamps that we had previously are too big for these narrow nightstands.

N nightstand

So then I had to shop the garage.


These are the ones we were using before I got the thrifted ones for our 70’s party and decided to paint them turquoise and use them in our bedroom. The previous shades were damaged in some move, so I have these natural-ish ones. I have some further tweaks planned for them.

70s lamp

So the turquoise ones went to the garage. They might stay in my lighting section out there for a while before I decide to get rid of them completely or use them somewhere else. I never really know. Anyone need lamps?

So then I had to move our previous nightstands somewhere. I was not getting rid of them. No way. They’re the very first piece of furniture that we ever made and they’ve been used for over a decade. I love them and I’ll die with them in use in my house. (I’m aware that they probably don’t look that amazing to you. It’s an emotional connection.)

cube nightstand

I didn’t still love the glossy finish, though.


It shows dust about an hour after dusting. I’ve been over it for a very long time. I sanded them lightly and used the same self-mixed formula that I used on the entry dresser.

If I was changing color, I would have skipped sanding and just used a good primer. But since I wasn’t changing the color, I thought a light sanding would be faster than priming and sufficient to knock down the sheen so my new paint would grip well.

Now they’re super satiny smooth. And can go about three days before they need dusted. 🙂 (Not that my dusting schedule correlates to need.)

left end table right end table end tables

(I really don’t like how this coffee table photographs in front of the sofa, but I love these pieces in person. The tweed-like pattern on the sofa doesn’t just blend into the weathered wood of the table in real life. Also, I took this pic last night. This room gets a lot of light during the day and looks much brighter.)

living room

I’ve also made some changes in the entry since I found that “Home Sweet Home” sign that I thought was adorable, but I have more changes planned for what I’m calling the “welcome wall.” Just kidding. I don’t name walls. But if I did.


So then I moved that previous “M” to the top of the card catalog.

finished dresser

(Notice I also switched to a lamp shade that I covered with the shower curtain fabric used on this pouf.)

pink M

I also hung an “M” in the hallway on the opposite side of the classroom doors from the aerial photos of all of our houses. (Well, except the one that I still haven’t printed.)

aerials shots distressed M

I’ve had this for a while. I bought it on clearance at Hobby Lobby and planned to change its distressed finish. But now I’m thinking the finish is good with the chalkboard around the corner and goes well with the black and burlap on the other side of the doors. We’ll see. Might change it eventually. Even if just to solid black.


We found this huge sphere at Gordman’s a few months ago in the perfect finish to tie into the fire hydrant on the coffee table. Which is great, since I needed more red. I like to repeat a color at least three times in a room.

m and sphere

I also grabbed a basket in a similar finish from Home Goods several months ago.


I hung another black and white canvas to be symmetrical to the one I already had to the right of the back door. I love this saying. I used to have it in vinyl (which is a horrible idea for frequent movers. Duh.).


I switched my citronella plants out for some mums.


And threw some pumpkins out there.


This will be the extent of the exterior fall decorating at my own residence. Too much other yard work to be done here right now. Notice all the dumb leaves starting to fall off the stupid trees on this idiotic treed lot of ours. (Did that sentence give you an idea of how I feel about having to rake/pick leaves out of my yard and flowerbeds?) Ugh. What was I thinking?! Duh, Avone. (That bench was a freebie from the curb and will be getting some love someday. But not this day.)

I’m sure there are a few more things that I’m forgetting. I didn’t even think about blogging all of these minor changes until I had two different people see my former nightstands in my living room and mention that they didn’t see that change talked about on the blog. So there you go. No wonder it takes so long to finish the big things; I’m too busy shifting around the tiny things. I think I might have a disorder. At least it’s not a twerking disorder.

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