Building Vanities. Sike.

Now that you guys are caught up on all the small stuff I’ve been doing around here during the few down moments between new bathtub deliveries (three times!) and evictions, let’s get back to the big stuff.

Remember that one time we were doing a master bathroom remodel for a summer project? But then the bathtub issues held us up for weeks at a time, multiple times? So then what was supposed to be a summer project didn’t even get well underway until very late in the summer? Remember? And then right when we got good and going, it was time to slow down and start school? And during that same time frame, a couple of tenants decided to stop paying rent? So then we eventually had to evict them? And they left our houses in a huge mess so that we had to shift gears again and work hard to get those back up for rent?

Do you remember all that or did I just dream it all? ‘Cause I swear we JUST closed on this house. I’m not sure how it’s actually possible that we’ve been here a full year. But we have. We closed on my birthday last year and moved in a couple weeks later. That means we’re celebrating our first anniversary in this house this week-ish. Woah! Somebody slow it down!

So yeah. Anyway. Where does the time go?! Hopefully the summer bathroom renovation will be completed by Christmas. If you guys will quit pushing the fast forward button, that is.

We had torn out everything… (Read about it here: tile, tub, vanities and toilet, shower, mirror and lights)


And re-sized the tub nook… (Read about it here: oops, new drywall and texture)

hang drywallfinished texture

And primed


And installed a bathtub

tub water

And laid tile… (Read about it here: decisions, patterns, corrections)

barnwood tile

And installed baseboards…


And then installed a toilet


I told you guys last week that the next step of the bathroom was to finish building/install the vanities. But I lied. Yep. Totally forgot about the skylight. Completely slipped my mind. The hub’s too.

We were getting set up to install the first one on Sunday afternoon, and then he said, “Oh wait. We probably want to finish that drywall (*points to skylight*) before we install these so that we don’t get dust and texture overspray all over them, huh?” Um, yes. Duh.


I had absolutely, completely, totally, 100% forgotten all about it. We don’t use this bathroom at all. It does have a toilet now, but since there’s no sink we just go to the guest bath right outside our bedroom door, and we shower upstairs. Before this past weekend, I hadn’t even set foot in it in a month I think.

But the ladder was in one of the garages in Norman, so we couldn’t reach the skylight. No way was I making another trip to Norman right then. I had already been TWICE two days before and the hubs had just gotten back from being gone camping. So we took the kids to the park instead and then watched some football. That’s a good Sunday afternoon!

Last you heard about the skylight, we had a leak on the corner.

moldy skylight

leaky corner

It only made sense that the water was pooling somewhere and running to that corner. We tore it out to see if there was mold all on the back side of the drywall and to determine where exactly the leak was. The hubs swore it was in the roof and not the skylight. The roof had been replaced within the year before we bought the house and apparently had a warranty. He called the realtor who sold us the house and tracked down the roofers. They came out and told him that it wasn’t the roof and caulked somewhere up there.

Of course it kept leaking the next couple of times it rained. The hubs knew it wasn’t the skylight, because he had tested it by dragging the water hose up there and spraying different areas. It was definitely a roof issue. And caulking around the skylight wasn’t going to fix it.

He called the roofers back out (they seemed to avoid his calls for a while, but he’s nothing if not politely persistent) and this time they brought two guys. One to spray water on the roof and one to stand inside our bathroom. The hubs told the guy on the roof exactly where to spray and they ended up finding a hole in the roof. They came back out a different day and fixed it, all free of charge to us of course.

This was happening over the course of several weeks during the summer. So you can see why I totally forgot. Anyway, we need to drywall, texture, and paint this area before we proceed with the vanities.

Also, the electrical outlets are going to be moved up because we’re changing the vanities to “luxury height,” and the current outlets would be under the sink level. The electrical boxes where the light fixtures go need to be moved also, so we’ll do all of that stuff and then one more round of texturing, priming, and painting.

THEN we’ll be ready for vanities. So ya know…Thanksgiving-ish at this rate.

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