Faux Wood. Meh.

Last weekend we were out of town and this weekend was Halloween, in case you somehow missed that. (As well as the end of my beloved Day Light Savings. Boohoo.) We’ve been really busy/lazy/preoccupied around here. And visiting open houses. ‘Cause we’re ridiculous and antsy like that.

But, the hubs did drywall the area around the skylight in the master bathroom, and I started the texturing process. I should have a post about that later in the week for you. Just gotta finish the steps that need drying time in between.

But, I have been playing around on a few craft projects.

Remember this area over our bed?


I put a chalkboard place holder there, but said that I was looking for something more sophisticated/grown-up/permanent.


I still haven’t found anything that I really love, but I did make another place holder. Not sure how much I love it for the long haul, but I feel like it’s another step in the right direction. And I had fun making it, because this is kinda my hobby. So, really, the process is enjoyable and even if I find something I love tomorrow, the time wasn’t wasted. This is my therapy, y’all.

Sometimes the item turns out to be something I absolutely adore and will use/love for the next decade, and sometimes I throw it all out and start over. But I enjoy the process (except when I hate it), and I learn so much by just diving in and doing things.

So, I had the turquoise chalkboard thing and I had this gold mirror that I grabbed at Goodwill for $2 a long time ago.


I came across the gold mirror in my stash while looking through frames, and thought, “is that a perfect fit onto that chalkboard that I’m not loving?” (Actually, I do love it; just not for over a master bed. What’s not to love about turquoise, chalkboard, and circles?!)

Yep. It pretty much was. So I attached it with construction adhesive and caulked around the area where they met.


Then I sprayed the entire thing with dark brown paint (called Roasted Coffee) to unify it. I grabbed some wood-ish tones from my stash (gold, Rustic Oak, and Dark Walnut) to dry brush on in hopes of making this thing look like one wooden frame. I was thinking of a porthole in an old wooden ship for my inspiration. I’m silly like that sometimes.

wood paints

I played around with it over a few different evenings. Letting paint dry, sanding some areas, painting again. I was just making it up as I went. I have had some minor successes in the area of faux painting/staining, but I’m no expert.

faux paint3 faux paint2 faux paint1

I think it turned out pretty well, but as usual, my photography skills are doing me no favors.

faux wood mirror

I also changed our lamps shades. Nothing major. I just covered them in the same material from this project.

lamp shades wood

They’re all warm and glowy when the light is on.

glowy shade

I was inspired by all of these lamp shades.


Obviously mine is much cheaper and faker. I did it really quick to see if I wanted to try and cover them with a more permanent faux wood material (grass cloth? veneer? those fancy wood scrapbooking papers?). Meh. Jury’s still out.

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