Skylight Complete

Remember one of our original problems with the master bathroom was the water-damaged ceiling near the skylight?

leaky corner

And mold in the skylight?

moldy skylight

We originally thought the skylight wasn’t installed well, but after tearing out all of the drywall and getting up on the roof to test for the leak, we discovered that it was actually a roof leak. The roof was still under warranty from the previous owner so we finally got all of that fixed free of charge, but were left with this on the inside to repair…


Well…drum roll…the skylight is drywalled, taped and mudded, textured, primed, and painted. There’s not a whole lot to say about it, except that I’m thrilled it’s over and we can finally get to the pretty stuff in here. But I’ll say a few things anyway, because what’s a blog with no words? A picture blog, I suppose. Those things exist, right? This isn’t one of them.

The hubs cut and hung the drywall (of course the opening wasn’t square and was bigger on one side than the other) and then I taped and mudded, opting for fiberglass mesh tape this time. I think it’s my favorite, even though it made my hand all scratchy for a couple of days. Always wear gloves, kids. Safety first.

new drywal drywall

mesh tape

It took a couple of layers over a couple of evenings to get the seams even and smooth.

drywall joints seams

Then the hubs came back to spray the texture (notice he covered the skylight well, it would be a pain to scrape off all the splatters). I prefer a hand-troweled texture, but we wanted to match the existing ceiling. If we were putting up new drywall all over, we wouldn’t have sprayed it, but the rest of the ceiling is in great shape. No reason to fix what ain’t broken. (I never, ever use that word IRL.)

knock down

The thingy mabob (seen here) that we usually use to “knock down” texture was too large for this space, so the hubs used the back side of a dust pan and drug the rubber piece along the wall to knock it down. (Seems unsanitary to me, but whatevs.)

texture 2 texture 1

I came in the next evening to prime and paint. I used this two-in-one ceiling paint by Zinsser that is mildew resistant and color changing. (You guys remember that I love color-changing paint for a ceiling? It’s so easy to miss spots overhead, but they really show up when using pink paint!)

ceiling paint

painted skylight

And that’s it for the skylight. But I do have to paint the entire ceiling now. See how yellow the previous color is where I stopped the new paint? It was on the list eventually, but now it so obviously needs a fresh coat of bright, white paint.

This weekend’s agenda includes wiring for the new lights, and moving the existing outlets that will be in the backsplash. Then we’ll have to patch the old holes, texture, prime, and paint one last time. Hopefully we’ll also get to installing at least one of the vanities, but that’s only if there are no issues moving the wiring. I don’t anticipate any, but I anticipated this entire project finished by now…so who knows??

Happy Friday!


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