I’m losing my ever lovin’ mind!

What does that mean, exactly? Ever lovin’? Ever-lovin’? Everlovin’? You forever love your mind? I don’t know. I’m more familiar with the statement, “I’m losing my freakin’ mind.” Which brings us to the ever-elusive vanities. Freaking vanities. Tomato. Tomahto.

Okay, so I hate bathroom vanities that are just doors. You know? Like the only reason they actually exist is to hide the pipes. Storage is a joke. You have like this big cabinet, but there is no room for shelves because of the pipes and drain. Similar to the chaos that goes on under a kitchen sink. They’re just not known for organization and function, y’know?

So when it came time to design the bathroom vanities, I knew that we were for sure going with drawers. Lots and lots of drawers.

I’m also familiar enough with re-doing bathrooms to know that “plumbing stuff” (I just throw it all together in one term because I don’t care about any of it) can be an issue. You gotta work around that junk. Or give up your water, I suppose. But yeah. Best for resale to keep water in the bathroom.

We updated our last bathroom with new vanities that were all drawers, but they were store bought. This bathroom, though, is much longer and there are no stock vanities that size. Ultimately, we decided to go with two separate vanities instead of one long one, but I already had drawers in my head by then and even with two separate ones, we couldn’t find anything ready-made that was big enough for our space. A horrible problem for a bathroom. I know. Poor me.

There were plenty of regular vanities that would have fit since we were going with two. We could have easily gone with something like this…

cabinet middle

But I really wanted all drawers. Like this.

drawer vanity

That’s obviously custom made. Everything I was finding that was all drawers was tiny. (All of these are available at lowes.com.)

small vanities

I could settle on something with a cabinet as long as it also had plenty of great drawer storage and I liked the style. Like this.

too long vanity

But when I found ones like that, they were too short to go with one and too long to get two of them.

This was obviously going to be a custom piece. And by “custom,” I mean designed by me and built by the hubs. Mostly.

Remember before Rachael Ray was famous? When she first started on the Food Network, I used to watch her show because my oldest son loved her! We accidentally passed it while heading to HGTV and he was mesmerized. The set was bright, her voice was..what’s the word?…soothing? Ha.

Anyway, I’m not sure what attracted him, but he was just tiny and stopped what he was doing (sitting in the floor playing with toys) to watch her. So I left it on that channel. And then I revisited it occasionally. Then, by age three, he would ask to watch her and would hang on her every word. He often suggested we try her meals and would tell me exactly how she did it. I worked from home back then (like, for a paycheck), and used those thirty minutes to accomplish a few things, so I wasn’t ever really paying that much attention to her. (Not that I ever follow recipes.)

All that I really learned from Rachael Ray was to “take a little help from the store.” Didn’t she say that on like every episode? In reference to already-cut produce, grated cheese, canned chicken stock. You know. Stuff that makes life easier. So you can make a meal in 30 minutes, I guess.

I used the same advice when designing our vanities. I priced out what it would cost to build drawer fronts and then realized I could purchase them for less from IKEA, not to mention save 152 hours of building/sanding/staining time. And these weren’t even particle board. Nope. Solid wood!

IKEA has recently stopped carrying the ones we purchased, and I’m sure it has nothing to do with popularity. They were constantly sold out. I had people all over the country checking their local IKEA for me. Pretty sure it was a cost decision on their part. These were solid wood! And very affordable! I’d link them, but they are no longer there. Here’s a link to Pinterest, though.

Luckily, I was able to get all I needed before they discontinued them. More on all of that in a later post. This one was mainly supposed to be about me losing my ever-lovin’ mind.

So yeah. I’m losing my mind. These vanities are going to be the death of me. I showed the hubs what I wanted. I had pictures as well as sketches. I was armed with measurements. We visited IKEA for 9 hours. No, really! For serious. Nine hours. I think we had lunch and dinner at IKEA that day. The longest IKEA trip ever! And the boys came out alive. All three of them! Such troopers. I sure love those little guys.

It’s not really my area to worry about “plumbing stuff.” I told the hubs what I wanted and proceeded to “design” it. I asked if the drawers would be possible because of the plumbing, and he said they would “need some altering,” but it’s doable. “I can modify them.”

Okay. So I proceeded with my plan. And months later, he built it just like I said. With no consideration whatsoever given to the “plumbing stuff.” This is not me griping about my husband, in case it seems that way. That man has stayed married to me for thirteen years! Today is our anniversary, btw.

He is wonderful. And I’m difficult. And we’re both getting old and forgetful. So he built the first one to my specs. Yep. Exactly according to my specs from months ago. Without checking the pipe placement. I also didn’t think to remind him. And then when it came time to install, it was like…”Oh yeah. Duh. ‘Plumbing stuff.'”

So that’s where we are. He’s going to alter/modify the vanity and/or the drawers. I’ll have a future post all about it, but really felt like I needed an ever-lovin’ vanity update since I keep saying we’re ready for that.

More to come…I’m off to celebrate my marriage and my hubs. ‘Cause he’s freakin’ awesome. Ever-lovin’ awesome? Is that a thing?



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