Hi, Y’all

I’ve been playing around with my greeting wall. Not that it has a name; it’s just a wall. But if it did, it’d be called “Welcome Wall” because alliteration’s awesome.

The entry used to look like this.

finished dresser

Then I picked up a new sign and covered a lamp shade, and then it looked like this.


So by then it was kind of developing a theme. It was sort of becoming a gallery wall of greetings.





Home Sweet Home.

sweet home

There’s also a Joshua 24:15.

josh 24

I wanted to run with the idea, because I’m playful like that and I want the entry to our home to show it. We’re not stuffy people. We’re whimsical and fun and bright and cheery. Or uptight and cynical…but the neighbors don’t need to know that. I thought we could use this little spot to trick everyone. Just kidding. As always. ‘Cause we’re jokesters like that. 😉

I grabbed a scrap piece of wood from the garage and cut it kinda crooked and gave it the same treatment I used for our name in the upstairs mini gallery. But this time I used stickers instead of pre-cut wooden letters.

wood paint

Ignore that pink paint pen. I decided on green later.


I applied the paint/stain technique over the stickers because my free hand is horrible and I don’t do fancy writing AT ALL. I write like a third grade boy. It’s pitiful!

remove stickers

Then I pulled the stickers off and applied paint (with a pen, because I paint worse than I write). If you’re a bit more calm, you could leave it without any paint, but we embrace color around here. Especially green! Fun people love green! So I’m told. 😉

paint pens


I also purchased some paper mâché letters from Joann’s when they were 30% off, plus I had a $10 coupon that they let me stack. Woohoo! (It wasn’t the regular coupons they always have; they won’t let you use those on sale items. It was one I got in the mail. Maybe because I ordered some fabric online? Not sure, but I hope they keep sending them!)

These are 12″. The ones that Hobby Lobby usually carries in this style are 8″, so these are 50% bigger. I love the size!

make rusty number

Anyway, I used a paint treatment similar to this faux zinc number 3 in the boys’ room, but without the rust effect. Instead of using the brown (rust) paint after the slight sanding, I used a second color of silver metallic paint just to give it a bit more dimension. I didn’t want them to be rusty looking, but I also didn’t want them to look like they were just spray painted a solid color, y’know?

metallic enamel

Unlike usual, I did not already have this paint on hand, but it was less than $2 from Walmart. I’m also out of my favorite Valspar silver metallic spray paint after this project. 🙁 But I have some gold, and also some silver Krylon for emergencies. Everybody calm down.

metal e

They’re super light weight, so I hung them with some velcro I already had for hanging things in the classroom.



I’m not completely finished with the Welcome Wall. I need something to the left of “HEY.” I’m thinking maybe something to be changed out seasonally? Who knows? I’ll put something Christmas-y there soon and see where we end up down the road.

entry hey entry way


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