Snowball Fight!

I know, I know. I’m taking the rest of the year off from blogging.

This doesn’t really count. I’m just popping in to show you a quick craft/decor/play idea.

But first, cookies.

nate corban cale cade

And lots of snowmen snacks.

snowman bananas snowman bagel snowman pizza snowmen cheese snowman

And burnt Andes trees. Oops.


But the white chocolate ones turned out great!

baking white chocolate

We’ve been crafting and baking a lot lately.

1.) My oldest son’s feet have been sticking out of every fleece throw we have for a while now because he has gotten way too tall. So, I made him a full size fleece blanket.


2.) We chose some branches while we were exploring the woods. Sticks and branches sprayed white or gold (or any color really) make simple modern/rustic Christmas decor. These are going on my craft table as part of the centerpiece, but it is piled up with crafts right now.


A few of them are also great in a tall vase.


3.) I made some Christmas shirts for the boys. Because they still let me do things like that. 🙂


My oldest was born the week of Christmas and my youngest really loves snowmen right now. If you know my middle child well, you’ll understand the sentiment on his shirt.

But enough updates…the reason I’m blogging today…

A few weeks ago when we were getting a few flurries, this conversation happened…

Middle Child: (very enthusiastically) “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we could decorate the inside of our house like it snowed? …We could shred paper everywhere and make it look like snow ALL OVER THE HOUSE. Can we get some white balls and have an indoor snowball fight? And then we could use them for decoration all winter? They could just sit around in baskets and we could throw ’em at each other whenever we felt like it.”

I didn’t want to shatter his excitement, so while my inside was saying, “what is wrong with you child? Shredded paper ALL OVER THE HOUSE?! You’re insane!” my outside was saying, “well, we could modify some of those ideas….” And then I was interrupted by the first born.

First-born child: “Are you crazy? Do you know what it would be like to clean up paper shreds from ALL OVER THE HOUSE?…Throwing balls inside? Have you …”

And then I interrupted so as to not totally crush the middle child’s dream…

Me: “I don’t think the paper snow would work out so well, but I love the idea of snowballs for inside the house. Maybe not real balls, but I bet we could craft some.”

He was overjoyed. I put styrofoam balls on the shopping list and grabbed some buckets from The Dollar Tree.


I added a chalkboard label simply because I’m addicted to the stuff.

chalk label

The styrofoam was already pretty shiny all on its own, but we also used glitter. Because I don’t have a daughter and we don’t do nearly enough crafting with glitter. And glitter is awesome. At least when you don’t ever use it. 🙂

styrofoam balls

cade snow cale snow

I don’t think these will actually throw very far, but they make cute Winter decor. I do plan to stash some wadded-up-butcher-paper balls in these buckets and then yell “snowball fight!” right in the middle of giving this week’s spelling test. ‘Cause I’m the teacher and I can do that if I want to.


K. Bye. For real this time. Merry Christmas. See ya next year.

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