“Lights! Lights would be good here!”

I was a little late thinking of this title last time I had a lighting post, so I’m totally using it now. Because really. Can you reference Pretty Woman too frequently?

If you recall (and even if you don’t), our classroom was a formal dining room before we got our hands on it. It was an open space right at the entrance to our home, but we changed that first thing. We added walls and a pair of pocket doors so as to be able to close it all off if/when needed. The double pocket doors make it to where the room could still be used as a formal dining room or a study for future buyers. Resale value is always of utmost importance to us. Our own function is important, obviously, but we try to make changes that don’t ruin the intended function of a space. (Here and here are some other classroom posts in case you want to read all about it.)

So we had this light fixture that was clearly meant for over a dining table.

dining light

And we had a ceiling fan over our kitchen table.

dining fan

We moved the ceiling fan to the GG (game/guest) room and moved the dining fixture to over our kitchen table.

And then we had no light fixture in the classroom for..oh?…eight months?…ish. I meant to make one a very long time ago, but then I got distracted by the master bathroom remodel and then a couple of evictions. Eeeek. I’d link those posts for you, but there are like a trillion.

So it’s bright in the classroom. No big deal. We survived. But I do prefer it super-duper bright. Like next-to-the-sun bright. I like lots of light. Especially in a classroom or study. I like the brightness that industrial fluorescents provide, but definitely not how washed out they make everyone look. And they’re pretty ugly.

I wanted lots and lots of bulbs. It had to be something with a huge downrod or cord because the ceiling in there is two stories high. We can’t reach it with our ladder. We have a super-tall ladder, but it’s the leaning kind and there’s nothing in the middle of the room on which to lean it. That’s one reason why it took so long to get around to this. One of many.

Finally the hubs worked out his little ladder bridge across the shelving units to get up there.


You can see he’s feeling for a stud on which to hang this “bracket” that supports the light we made.


I didn’t want to spend much money because I never do since we had been hemorrhaging after back-to-back evictions. I want to save our remodel dollars for exciting things like future kitchens or a new washer and dryer.

I was inspired by these…


I grabbed several lighting cords from IKEA during a trip to Six Flags. They’re super affordable and very long! They come with a plug, but that can be cut off if you plan to hard wire them.

light cord

I used scrap wood that we already had and drilled holes for the cords. I just used a drill bit the size of the cord that needed to feed through it.

scrap wood drill bit

The frame is just mitered boards formed to make a shallow box.

I purchased several junction boxes (they’re like pennies a piece) and the hubs wired the entire thing up for me. I asked him if he’d like to be a guest blogger and write up a post about it. I don’t recall what he said, but I recall thinking it was a yes. I waited about two weeks and then asked if he was going to write this post. He (almost laughing) said emphatically, “no!” (It’s definitely because he can’t match my wit.) So that’s my reasoning for being two weeks into the new year without a blog post. As if I need any excuses.

So, I’ll explain it instead.

The hubs wired it all up and then hung it.

junction wired boxes

How’s that for an explanation? Ha. There really isn’t much to say I suppose. So here it is.

classroom light classroom

I considered using Edison bulbs, but at nearly $10 each, that was totally not happening.

I left the wood a natural color, but sealed it. I chose that so it would match the rest of the wood tones in the room, but I’m not sure I love it. I may eventually paint it black to flow better with the cords, or white to disappear into the ceiling.

light box

Who knows? I’ll look at it for a while and see where we end up. One thing’s for sure, though…it’s super-duper bright and I love it in here!

welcome light




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