Mr. Kallax Right Now

Pssst…we made a teensy weensy bit of progress on the master bathroom over the Christmas break, but not a lot because we forced ourselves to chill. It was difficult, y’all. 

I’ll be back in the coming days/weeks to show you that, but today I’m talking more about the classroom and GG room. Nothing major was accomplished in either of those rooms, but I feel the need to bring you up to speed with what is going on since when I don’t someone inevitably comes over and says things like, “You didn’t tell us you had started on that room.”…”You didn’t blog about that picture/lamp/table.”….”I didn’t see THIS on the blog.” (*points to half-finished project*)

So, in the interest of satisfying all interested parties…I painted the GG room, finished some baseboards, textured some walls, and bought ANOTHER cubbie storage unit.

The GG room was all kinds of interesting. When we bought the house, it had four paint colors. One for each wall. Flesh, peachy salmon, orange, and calamine. (Those are my names for them.)

Not like any actual flesh that I’ve ever seen, but that horrible flesh color from 80’s Crayola boxes. Kinda tan. Kinda yellow. Kinda peach.

The orange was…orange. Just orange. Not completely horrible all on its own, and I actually half way considered leaving it for an accent wall, but that was a fleeting thought arisen from laziness.

The peachy salmon was kinda peach. Kinda salmon. Darker than flesh but lighter than orange.

Calamine was the exact color of calamine lotion. You readers under the age of 20 (I’m huge with the high-school crowd. In Germany.) won’t know what that is since we’ve vaccinated away any reason for its usage. It wasn’t Pepto colored. Way lighter. Like you had to look closely to make sure that it really was pink and not just showing color reflecting off the peachy salmon wall.

Now, apart from the fact that I absolutely cannot fathom why anyone would choose those colors for a wall, I can’t fathom why they thought that particular combination was appealing. Peach, salmon, and orange? That’s all the same color. Why have three different shades of the same color? That’s not an accent. It’s confusing. And it clashes with calamine.

So anyway. I had promised the hubs that I wouldn’t spend any money on paint until March  (IDK why March. Maybe he thought 90 days was all I could possibly handle?) if he let me buy a Kallax. I wanted to get this room painted all one color. That was all I really cared about. I wasn’t really set on any color, so I just picked from what I had (or could mix).

I mixed some deep teal with white to get a softer blue. I figured that worked with the quilt my MIL made that we’re using in there, but it’s not a girly color. Blue is a good neutral. Like jeans. If, Lord willing, we ever need to convert it to a girl’s room it will work, but it also would work if my oldest son ever gets his own room in there. And it works great for a toy room or guest room.

calamine flesh

We’re still updating all the old cream/almond/yellow-y outlets and light switches as we go.

outlet switch

We have all the video game components and a TV set up in there (that’s why we call it the game room), but the toys were kept downstairs in bins in the Expedit in the classroom. That was pretty much just carried over from our previous house where we didn’t have the extra room for a separate play room.

Since we have a formal dining room in this house, and since all three boys share one room, we have the luxury of having a classroom and a guest room. I’m all about rooms being used like crazy, though, so I decided that the GG room would be better suited for housing the toys than the classroom. That way the guest room gets more usage, and we don’t have the constant battle of putting all the toys away so we can do school. Plus, my pre-K’er doesn’t spend nearly as much time at his desk as my sixth grader. By moving the toys to a different room, he won’t a)distract my older son or b)end up dragging toy bins all out in the living room and hallway so as to not be loud in the classroom.

I don’t expect all the toys to stay upstairs all the time, nor do I want them to. I enjoy my children spending time with us and we definitely don’t have one of those “no toys allowed in the living room” houses. However, with them upstairs, we may have LESS strung all over the living room by the end of our school day. Hopefully.

That will also make the entire upstairs be the kids’ responsibility to clean and care for. If all the toys aren’t put away every single evening, it won’t be something that totally annoys me or that we have to clean up before we can start school.

So, Christmas break seemed like the best time to pull all the toys out of the classroom and move them upstairs. As you all probably are aware, these types of things get pretty bad before they get better. We drug out everything. We sorted through every box and bin. We got rid of several things and now we have lots of growing room in the classroom shelves. Woohooo! It’s really the little things in life, y’know?

While all the shelves were empty seemed like a great time to finish this room. We spent Christmas break last year making walls and doors in here, but we ran out of time to do everything else before it was time to clean, organize, and get back to school for the Spring semester. I figured it might be forever before these shelves were all empty again, so it was now or who knows when.

The dining room originally had a chair rail with wall paper below it. The previous owner removed the chair rail and wall paper, and textured where the wall paper was. Problem is, it didn’t look anything like the texture on the top part of the wall. I added a blue line, in case you couldn’t see the difference…

texture line

While the shelves were pulled out from the wall, I went ahead and finished texturing the bottom portion. You’d think this would have driven me crazy the past year, but it was all hidden behind the shelves. I had already textured the part that we could see.


I also hadn’t installed the new baseboard that we bought a year ago to go in there (notice that the old one stops where the spindles were on the open dining room). That’s also because the shelves were in the way and loaded with stuff.

old dining back of opening

old baseboard baseboard

I was originally planning to paint this entire room a new color, but I decided to just go ahead and match the existing color for now. I was tired of looking at the primer on the new section of wall, but just am not feeling like painting this entire space right now. The walls are super high! Someday we may paint, but color matching is satisfying for now.

paint samples

Alright, so we had to have somewhere to store all the toy bins that we moved out of the classroom and up into the GG room. Of course my first option was another Expedit, but as you may know, IKEA discontinued the Expedit in 2014 after many, many successful years.

When I heard the news, I may have shed a tiny tear had allergies that day. IKEA was quick to announce that it would be replacing the well-loved iconic piece with a “greener” version immediately. A collective sigh was heard ’round the world.

Expedit will always be my first love, but Kallax is Mr. Right Now. He’s a tiny bit different, but he’ll work just fine.

The largest Kallax on IKEA’s website is the 4×4, so I settled on that and we stopped by to grab one when we made a trip to Six Flags for Holiday in the Park. I may have danced right in front of aisle 1 bin 26 when I noticed they had 5x5s right next to the 4x4s. The more the merrier. Wooohoooo!

We assembled it in less than 30 minutes. We have a few of these under our belts, but they really are very easy to assemble. Much easier than building bathroom vanities with drawers to fit around seven plumbing pipes. That’s another post…

cale cube2 cale cube1

That’s the same kid. Wasn’t he a cute little fattie? When did he get so tall? He’s not a baby anymore, is he? *wipes away tears*

Then we loaded it up with toy bins, freeing up several cubbies in each of the Expedits in the classroom.

I wish I could say they’re keeping it spotless, but they’re not. It looks pretty good most days, but I went up there this morning and it looked like a Lego factory exploded and all the debris landed on a blanket fort. I didn’t even ask.

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