Vanities Built

Alright, last we left off, we had one vanity shell built forever and we had decided on drawer fronts from IKEA. They’re no longer available, but they’re these.

The shell is just made from panels on the sides, and then 1x2s across the front to form the rails and stiles. There are pieces of wood (unstained in the pic below) on the inside for the drawer glides to be mounted to. This is the hard part. If it were just a cabinet, none of this would be in the way and the pipes inside could be anywhere. Y’know, like what you probably have under your kitchen sink.

I wanted lots of usable storage and I just prefer the aesthetic of drawers. I waited patiently (no, really) for the hubs to figure out how to work around the plumbing. The vanity on the right is where we had problems, but once he figured it out, the one on the left installed in a heartbeat.

Here’s the left one. Notice it only has the two pipes that need to be accounted for.

2 pipes

(Ignore that 1997. There’s no way he’s old enough to have been in college in 1997. We were just babies in the 90’s.)

It just required one bottom drawer to be altered for the bottom pipes.

altered drawer

Plus, the middle drawer on the right is modified in order for the drain pipe that connects to the sink to fit nicely behind it.

plumbing pipe

So it’s pretty much like what a cabinet would be like, but with useable drawers all in front of the pipes. Does that make any sense?

To avoid that typical faux front drawer, he also altered the top drawers. Instead of a false fixed drawer front that normally doesn’t function at all because of the sink bowl bump (that’s a term, right?), the hubs made some changes so that we actually have a lot of use in that top drawer, including a nice little niche for toothpaste and a tooth brush.

sink bowl sink bowl 2 toothpaste drawer

As for those seven pipes…

7 pipes

The drawer in front of them looks like this…

undrneath glides

All the other drawers have the glides/rollers that mount on the sides, but we had to get the kind that go underneath for this part. They actually slide right in between the pipes. My husband is a genius. Obviously that drawer is shorter, but it’s a functioning drawer.

So, are you wondering how these look? Is it some sort of weird maze in there when you open them? Nope. They look fine when you pull them out. They don’t fully extend, so you can’t see all the weirdness going on behind there. It looks like this…

modified drawer

I kind of want there to be an exciting reveal when this entire room is complete, so I don’t want to give away everything as we go along, but I want to give you a bit of an idea of what we’re doing.

We had this to begin with…

master bath

(Yeah, I know that vanity looks totally keepable, but it’s full of mold and those sinks are cracked and funky. Hence this entire renovation. Might as well get some decent lighting and tile while we’re at it, right?)

And here’s an in-progress pic of what it is looking like currently. Don’t mind all the dust and clutter. This is a construction site, y’know. Don’t mind those crooked top drawers on the left, either. They weren’t actually on the glides yet when I took this pic.


I chose a pre-made storage tower from IKEA that was shallower than the vanities so that we could still see each other if we were both standing at our sinks. I thought if it was deeper, it would feel too claustrophobic to look to the left and just see the side of a cabinet right there in my face.

The tower is two feet wide, and the vanities are four feet. I chose four feet so that we could purchase these affordable, in-stock counters. They’re not expensive, but I love plain white. They’re so classy and timeless.

We’ll take it up a notch with the backsplash, which we should be ready for pretty soon. There will also be hardware, but that won’t go on until we’re doing the finishing touches. Plus, we’ll add legs (from an ottoman I converted into a pouf) to give it more of a furniture feel.

legs go here

Hopefully the counters will be installed and plumbing all finished this weekend, but I’m not holding my breath since it looks like it’s going to be warm enough to go paint a garage door that had to be replaced at a rent house. Hooray for sunshine?! Happy weekend, you guys!

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