Another Bathroom

Warning: Horrible pictures ahead. Like, even worse than usual. I don’t know what the heck happened.

Progress continues in the master bathroom, but I’ve moved on to the guest bath. Miss Jackson if you’re nasty. Powder room if you’re fancy. (Sometimes I type to the tune of songs. It’s fun. Try it.)

There’s so much going on in the master bath that doesn’t involve me right now. I want to be right in the middle of a construction zone, too. I figured what better project to start next than another bathroom? Why not have both downstairs bathrooms torn up at the same time? Totally logical, right?

Yeah, not so much. The hubs swooped in with all his practical thinking and said something like, “Woman! Have you lost your mind?! Don’t you dare tear up that bathroom right now!” Just kidding. He has never, ever called me woman. Do people really talk like that? It was more like, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to pull out that sink until we have another one functioning down here.” Meh. He’s always right. (As if walking upstairs to brush your teeth would be a big deal. 😉 )

I wasn’t actually going to start with the sink, but he’s very wise to make sure. You just never know. Sometimes I’m crazy.

I just wanted to get a jump start on the small things I could that wouldn’t actually impact the usability of the bathroom.

First, let me show you what we had.

guest bath

Nothing scary. No mold. No weird colors. No wallpaper.

Sure, the light is boring. The tile is boring. The cabinets are a dated tone. The mirror actually plugs in. I guess it was some sort of fancy makeup mirror? Can you even tell what’s going on in this picture?

lighted mirror

Obviously that was taken after I painted the door and woodwork and the previous pic was from when we first bought the house.

guest bathroom

I wanted to refresh this room, but nothing too in depth. I had planned to paint the cabinets, get a new light, a new mirror, and probably new (super cheap) tile. I was maybe going to try and talk the hubs into a new countertop/sink, but it would go on the existing vanity.

I had started shopping for sinks/counters because I’m always planning five projects ahead. I was quickly realizing that a new stone counter for this bathroom was probably going to have to wait until after the kitchen reno, which is MAYBE coming up next after the master bathroom if we decide not to take a vacation this year. Time will tell.

But then…we were walking around Lowe’s after my birthday dinner back in October. Because I mean, what better way to spend your birthday than walking around Lowe’s? This is when deals are found. Not when you’re running in to pick up spray paint or a faucet connector hose. No. As always, you have to look frequently to save money. It’s actual work. Work that I love, but work nonetheless.

We walked right past this on the back end of an aisle in the bathroom section. (It’s actually more red than it looks in this picture.)


sink top

You may have seen me teasingly post this pic to Facebook.

price tag

Gosh I love those yellow stickers.

I guarded it with my life while the hubs ran to get a flatbed cart thingy. I was literally smiling so big that it hurt my face. I could barely contain my excitement.

It was the old display model (the new model has different knobs, linked below). It wasn’t one of those sink and vanity combo deals. It was a sink and vanity sold separately, but the display was being sold together since the sink was glued on.

Here’s the sink top (in a darker shade) on display in the store. Lowe’s special orders them from a company called Onyx.


Here’s a link to the vanity.

I had actually been shopping for stone countertops in the gray color family. No, this isn’t stone. It’s an acrylic made to look like stone. But it’s FIFTY BUCKS (including the vanity) and I probably wasn’t going to get a stone countertop anyway. I’d much rather make memories with my babies.

So I was pretty excited to get the $330 counter (in the color I was already shopping for) and a bonus $349 vanity, all for $50. That’s like a $629 “savings.” But not really. I hate when people say that.

What’s even more exciting was that the door and drawers were a very close match to the cabinet above the toilet. I was thrilled to get it home and find that the middle panel and surrounding molding were definitely close enough to the cabinet style that they could be used together. A coat of paint and you probably wouldn’t even notice that they weren’t the exact same. And did I mention DRAWERS?!

Okay, before anyone asks or thinks it, let me just say that I didn’t hesitate in the least to paint this. I don’t love cherry stain (not right now) and I don’t actually think it even coordinates with a gray counter. Something about that warmth and coolness really bugs me. Also, I wanted to make it go with the existing cabinet (over the toilet) and paint was already my plan for that.

I haven’t actually finished that yet, but it’s on the to-do list. I did paint the ceiling, though. It was kinda creamy off white and the vent was yellowed.

yellowed vent

I gave the ceiling a fresh coat of white paint and I spray painted the vent.

white vent

I also chose a wall color. I got a sample of the counter material (because it’s easier to hold up to the wall than the entire sink top) and grabbed some gray and beige paints that I already had, to keep with the theme of redoing this bathroom for practically nothing.


I started with a cool gray and added warmer grays and beiges until I thought it worked well with the counter.

counter sample

Once it dried it was a bit too warm, so I added some blue to cool it down and darken it up.

blue paint paint colors

I don’t think your paint always has to match your counters 🙂 , but gray is tricky. If the wall color was too warm it might make the counter look blue. And vice versa. Obviously if you want to mix several gray tones in a room, go ahead. There are no rules. I just didn’t want my counter to look blue.

I only painted the top half of the walls because I had a plan for the bottom. I’ll be back with that later this week.