Guess Who’s 5?!

My baby. My baby is five today. FIVE YEARS OLD. I don’t really want to talk about it. :'(

This five has nothing in the world to do with his age. I just liked it because we have five awesome people living in our house. Or four awesome people plus me. Whatevs.

I found it on the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. It’s just corrugated metal. Tin maybe? I don’t know my metals, but it seems to be the stuff tin roofs are made of, so yeah. Let’s go with tin.

It already had a faux weathered paint finish, but not one that I loved. All the numbers were different and some of them I really liked. The 8 had a chippy turquoise that I would have just left alone. But I wanted a five and it was orange. Not really like a rusty orange–more pink–and that wasn’t gonna work. Plus, it was only on one end. Kinda weird, imo.

orange five

So I painted it with some metallic paint.

metallic enamel silver five

Then I sanded it to weather it a bit.

sand five rusty five

And I hung it over the card catalog…

card catalog

…which has a new home closer to the craft (slash formal dining) table. It just seems to make more since there since it holds some of my crafting supplies.

craft table

It just seemed like a good day to pop in with a quick post about a 5 since it’s my littlest guy’s fifth birthday (didn’t he JUST turn four?), but now I’m off to cuddle him as much as he’ll let me. I’ll be back later in the week to show you what I put where the card catalog used to be.


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