A Concise Master Bathroom Update

I’m not feeling all that wordy this week. Shocking, I know. Maybe it’s because I’ve been out soaking up my “extra hour” of daylight. I’d rather be outside in the sun doing stuff than sitting in here typing. But it rained all day and I promised a master bathroom update anyway, so here it is…

Tiled backsplash–We used pennies for spacers to achieve narrower grout lines.

tile penny spacers


sink faucet

Mirrors (from Kirkland’s, but no longer available…more on that when I do a budget breakdown post)


Cabinet Hardware –I chose these because I wanted pulls, not knobs. But since we bought pre-made drawer fronts from IKEA, they already had holes right in the middle for a cheap dinky knob that came with them. I could have filled the holes and drilled new ones, but that would have required sanding and matching the existing stain. I was prepared to do that, but decided not to immediately upon seeing this hardware. From straight on, you can’t tell that it isn’t a regular pull(handle) even thought it only has that one center attachment.

handles drawer pull

The bathtub has been installed for a very long time, but the faucet was just resting over the edge to fill it up and test it. We hadn’t actually installed the faucet until recently.

tub install

The previous owners had already purchased a new bathtub faucet at some point. We decided to reuse it since it’s not very old, and is in a satin finish.

Roman faucets that are long enough to reach over and into our huge bathtub start at about $500 and go way up from there, so it was an easy decision to keep this one. Had it been old and funky or not matched everything else, we would have forked over the money for a new one, but I’m thankful we could use this one.

The faucet could have been installed in the tub or the tub deck. Since we’re using marble for the deck, we opted for drilling holes in the actual tub. Prayers were said. For real. We didn’t want to make a thousand dollar mistake. And Lord knows we didn’t want to mess with a fourth tub delivery.

hole saw drill holes

It turned out fine. I was a bit worried that the fiberglass would crack or splinter, but it didn’t. We ended up with perfect holes.

holes tub faucet

Of course I still want a fun reveal, so I’m not showing you any wide shots. Next up: tub skirt and surround. Have a great weekend, guys!

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