Bathroom Schizophrenia

Are we still allowed to joke about schizophrenia? Is that a condition that has been ruled off-limits by the PC police? I can’t keep up. I imagine schizophrenia would probably be the worst of all mental disorders, so don’t send me hate mail. But for real y’all…my friend called me schizophrenic in regards to my bathroom makeovers. She’s probably correct. I’m back to the guest bathroom for today’s post.

As you may recall, we’re not doing a major renovation in the guest bathroom. Just a few updates to freshen it up in there. So far we’ve bought a vanity and painted the walls. We painted the wall cabinet and got new hinges, and started on the board and batten.

I found this mirror on clearance last March. Yep, about a year ago.

mirror mirror price

I wasn’t shopping for a mirror that day, but I do always have a running list of future projects so that I can save as much money as possible. Call me crazy (wait, is that still allowed?), but it works for us. It’s how we can afford to always be updating. If we had to pay full price for every item we purchased, we’d do way less updating. That would be tragic. 😉

At the time, I was still deciding between painting the cabinets or staining them an espresso color, but either way this mirror was a great match for what I had in mind.

I hung the top molding for my board and batten according to the dimensions of this mirror, and then I hung the mirror in the middle.


Why yes, that is a sweatshirt I bought in 1995. (It even has a different print on the inside fuzzy part. Sweatshirts were way cool back in my day.) Tigers, represent! Do people say “represent” anymore, or is that a 90’s thing? Clearly I’m stuck.

How do you take a picture of a mirror without being in the photo? Awww, there we go…

mirror and molding

I’m thinking that maybe it would be better to paint the mirror frame white since it hangs within the white molding. I’ll think about that for a while.

Once I hung the new mirror, the old light was really annoying me. (Here’s the only pic I can find of it.)

old light

A few days later, I paid full price for a new light. Hey, it happens sometimes. I chose one that coordinated well with the towel ring and toilet paper holder that had been updated by the previous owners. (They did the most random, sporadic updates.)

towel ring tp holder

new light

See how well the light goes with the towel and tp holders?

I’d normally go a bit more modern, but their classic style was perfect for the board and batten. I suppose when you consider that a nice towel ring and tp holder are $20 each, I actually “saved” a lot of money by purchasing a coordinating light. Otherwise, I may have had to buy new towel and tp holders and that would eat up all my savings from purchasing a light on sale. It makes sense in my brain.

The hubs installed the new light in about five minutes. (Turn off the power first! And then just match up your colored wires.)

off centered

Do you see what I see? *Sigh*

I knew my mirror was centered because I had just hung it. I double checked my measurements just in case I made a mistake. That happens sometimes, too. Nope. I didn’t. The builder put the electrical box off centered. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he didn’t yet know the dimensions of the cabinets when the electrical was roughed in. Yeah. That has to be it. I’m sure he’s not a moron.

The hubs said, “I have to move that don’t I?” Um, duh.

He checked to make sure there wasn’t a pipe or stud in the way that might explain why the builder put it off center.

look for pipe

Nope, no good reason. So the hubs moved the electrical box over just a tiny bit.


Then I patched the hole and repainted.

joint compound

And then he reinstalled the new light.

light off light on

Much better. Now I can sleep at night.

Oh, I also picked up some cabinet hardware. I wanted shiny since everything else is chrome/shiny, and it needed to be kinda classic to go with the feel of this room.

Chrome knobs tend to be plain or modern, in my experience.


I didn’t want plain or too modern. I think these are just modern enough with a bit of a classic feel.

octagon knob

See how they’re reflecting my phone and hand? They’re so shiny!

new knobs

And that’s where we are in that bathroom…

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