So, about that bathroom??

Once upon a time in a month far, far away two middle-aged busy parents started a master bathroom renovation.

I wanted to do a little huge list here for you just in case you have nothing to do and want to spend the next 73 hours reading my blog. There were lots of posts about other projects, evictions, vacations all mixed throughout so I’ve lovingly labored to compile just the bathroom posts (and not even all of them) in one spot for you. Enjoy! Or scroll past. Whichever.

That last bulleted item is a pretty concise post if you just want a refresher of where we were. And then in this post I showed you that tile work had begun around the bathtub. That’s pretty much where we left off.

There were a few odd cuts to go around the windowsill, but mostly it was pretty straight forward.

cut for windowsill cut around windowsill

I chose this marble for the tub deck.

marble threshold

I don’t like grout lines on horizontal planes. That’s just how I feel. So it had to be solid surface and I wanted marble to coordinate with the sink backsplash. I intentionally went with a larger tub than was here before so that I wouldn’t have to order a huge slab of marble for the tub deck.

This piece is actually intended to be a threshold, but it’s the perfect size to go around my tub and it’s very affordable (for marble, that is)!

The hubs mitered the ends, in keeping with the shape of the tub.

tub deck mitered tub deck

I should mention somewhere in here that we used foam insulation under the tub. This was the first time we’ve installed a fiberglass bathtub so I did some looking around youtube just to make sure we were doing it correctly. This guy seemed like he knew what he was talking about, so we figured a little spray foam couldn’t hurt even if it wasn’t really necessary. (Warning: that video is long and doesn’t actually show anything. Haha. They want you to buy their DVD, I think, but it’s where we originally heard of the foam. I searched further and it seems to be pretty standard practice with fiberglass tubs.)

spray foam2 spray foam

I wanted the tub apron to tie into the drawer fronts. You may recall that those were purchased pre-made, but they’re just a basic shaker style so the hubs easily made me an apron to match. He used 3/4 inch plywood and 1x2s.

tub apron

Then I used the same stain from the vanities.

stain apron ebony stain

The apron had to be removable in case we need to get to the whirlpool motor. We considered several intricate and/or more expensive latching options and even thought about magnets. In the end, a simple mirror hook was the thing that held it in place the tightest. I didn’t want you to be able to tell where/that the panel is removable, and the other hook options we considered just didn’t hold the apron as close to the tub.

mirror hook slot for hook apron hook1

I’ll mention again that I want to do reveal photos at the end of all of this, so no wide shot of the entire bathtub area today.

All we have left is the shower and this bathroom will be complete. Of course, it might be Christmas at this pace.

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