I promise to have two posts for you next week (already in progress), but I wanted to pop in on a Saturday and show you this…

green doors

Green! How fun is that? I love the color and the paint! (No, I didn’t brush those hinges. More on that next week.)

I was so excited about Lowe’s carrying Sherwin Williams paint that I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. They’ve partnered with HGTV to bring a line of Sherwin Williams’ paints into Lowe’s stores. I suppose I could have been going to SW all along? But I’m more of a one-stop-shop kinda girl when it comes to home improvement. Not a big fan of driving all over the metro to get paint at one place, tile at another, and plants at yet another. And so on.

To be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with the color selection. Especially when considering the Ralph Lauren, Disney, and Pantone collections they got rid of to bring in this new display.

sw paint sw lowes

(That’s from the NYC Press Event on May 13. I don’t think Jillian Harris shops in my local Lowe’s. But Kellie Clements does; I’ve seen her twice.)

The paint seems to be of good quality, but not much different than the other lines Lowe’s carries. But…and it’s a huge but…

The samples are giant!

paint samples

Nearly a full quart for a paint sample? Is that how they do it in the SW stores? Why didn’t someone tell me this years ago?! Valspar samples are ~7oz for just under $3. Sherwin Williams’ samples are four times the paint for less than twice the price. Their samples are five bucks. Five bucks! For a quart of good paint!

A quart of paint is enough to paint two or three coats on a vanity or desk, dresser, table, night stands, buffet, front door, baseboards in most rooms, etc, etc, etc. Pretty much any project besides actual walls or ceilings. Plus you’ll have some left over for touch ups down the road.

Can you hear me? I don’t think I’m adequately explaining how exciting this is. I may never buy paint in gallons ever again. I’m a dork. That’s all. Happy Saturday to you.