Another Bathroom. Again.

Anyone have housework ADD? When you’re cleaning the living room you take something to the kitchen to put it up, and then you see something that needs to go to the garage and then you trip over the laundry so you throw in a load? You take the shoes out of the entryway into the closet and realize the closest needs to be totally reorganized? You start cleaning the bathroom and while you have the Windex in hand decide to go around cleaning all the other mirrors and windows, but never get back in there to clean the toilet?

Yeah. It’s really a thing. And I have it. You know what’s worse than housework ADD? Home improvement ADD. I’m all over the place around here and it might not make sense to any onlookers, but it makes sense in my head. Also, I do a fair amount of waiting on the hubs to help with things I can’t do all alone or at all. So then I move on to a project that I can do alone.

So, don’t think I’m crazy when I tell you that I started on a third bathroom while I still have two bathrooms under construction. Or think I’m crazy, whatever. But know that it makes sense at least to me. But what do I know? I have at least two serious behavioral disorders.

The master bathroom is complete except for the shower. I’m not really sure what we’re waiting for in there, and I try not to nag, but I do know that the hubs has been busting out lots of yardwork/outdoor things that I hate, so that’s good. I’ll take it. Also, hail storms, tornadoes, and floods have left us with a handful of projects at rent houses in the previous weeks. I think he should be getting back to the master shower soon.

The guest bathroom is just waiting on tile and the new vanity to be installed (which is STILL in my living room), but it involves some plumbing stuff that I don’t know a lot about. I could learn, but it’s easier just to be patient. He’ll get to it soon enough. Unless I keep pulling him away to install toilets and lay tile in the boys’ bathroom. My husband. You guys. He’s awesome. I think anyone else would have left years ago, or at least would have given me a hefty contractor budget to leave him alone.

So, the boys’ bathroom? It looked like this…

jackjill bath

It’s a Jack and Jill bathroom between the two upstairs bedrooms. It functions fine, mostly, but the toilet had the worst pressure ever. You had to hold the handle down the entire time to flush it. It was original (and therefore over 30 years old), so it was time for a new one.

The floor tile was totally not supposed to be floor tile.

old tile

Doesn’t that look like wall tile? Thirty years of kids using this bathroom hasn’t been kind to the grout either.

All the fixtures are brass and the mirror and lighting are just dated. Yeah, I know. Brass is back. Whatever. There’s also a decent amount of rust on the tub fixtures, but I’m not to that stuff yet. I’ll need plumbing help from the hubs.

My budget for this bathroom was like zero dollars, so obviously I’m going way over. Essentially, I’m trying to hold onto as many pennies as possible to do some costlier renovations in the coming year(s). So I didn’t have an actual budget for the boys’ bathroom, just like I didn’t have a budget for the guest bathroom.

To some people, the absence of a budget might mean they spend more. To me, it means I paint and keep what I can and shop for super deals on other materials.

The only real “need” in the boys’ bath was a new toilet (and some shower fixtures that we’ll get to later), but of course if you’re going to replace the toilet, it’s a great time to lay new tile. See how the ADD plays in?

So the toilet has been driving us all crazy since we moved in over a year ago. I finally had enough and decided it was as good a time as any for a new one. And then I started tearing up the tile. And somewhere in there I had a fleeting thought that I might be insane to tear up ANOTHER bathroom in this house. Nope. Just HIADD.

Since this is on the second story, the subfloor is plywood not concrete. That meant the tile came up pretty easily with just a chisel and hammer. Most pieces didn’t even break; they just popped right off.


See that dark area to the top left? I was concerned that we had a leak somewhere, but research showed that it was just from a dripping shower curtain. Whew. Close one.

When we removed the toilet, the black pieces in the tank did this to the hubs’ fingers. I have never seen that happen before. Weird.

black hose

Also, I should mention that the wax ring was the color of peanut butter, which is a good thing. Also, no trees growing anywhere.

Tomorrow: tile!

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