Tiled Walls

So I was ready to replace the boys’ toilet, remember? It was driving me crazy and I hastily started tearing up the tile since having the toilet out is the perfect time to lay new tile.

I tore up all the old tile, but then the hubs came in with the floor scraper and used his strong legs to scrape up any remaining mortar.

floor scraper

It was, by far, the easiest tile removal either of us have ever done (hooray for plywood subfloors). I was going to lay the new tile myself, but then my fear of the wet saw prevented it. Seriously. Spinning blades, water, AND electricity? All in one place? I just can’t even. Tile laying is fine. Tile cutting scares me.

So, the hubs agreed to do it for me but he was in a hurry so I just pulled the tile I’d already purchased for the guest bathroom. I like it enough to use it both places; I’ll just have to purchase some more.


It’s a small bathroom, so it went fairly quickly. I chose a charcoal grout and the hubs grouted it for me the next day (after the mortar had time to dry) and then I sealed the grout the day after that so that he could install the new toilet when he came in from work.

tile1 tile2


But then I decided that I wanted to tile the wall. If you have boys, you understand. I had already painted all of the walls around where the toilet would go since it would be so much easier than painting after it was installed. Sometimes you just waste time and paint in this whole DIY endeavor. No big deal.

So then we went a few more days with no toilet upstairs. I had to find an affordable tile that coordinated with the floor. This is the tile we were picking out when we stumbled upon our new refrigerator.


Then the mortar had to dry one day and then the grout had to dry the next and then I sealed the grout the day after that. I think we ended up being without a toilet upstairs for over a week by time the floor and wall were both tiled.

So worth it. I love this tile. It’s affordable and man-made (which means it will wear well for years), but it looks like stone. And who doesn’t love gray right now? It’s sticking around for the next two decades at least.

(More pics when the entire bathroom is revealed.)

wall tile floor tile wall and floor tile


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  2. Wow! It looks fantastic! You guys are professionals. Do you do other homes or just your own? I’m in need of some serious updates but don’t have the time or know how to DIY. Let me know if you’d like to venture to other people’s home. Your work is beautiful. Shannon

    • Aww, you’re so sweet Shannon. I do occasionally help friends with projects, but mostly just our own home due to time constraints.

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