Green Vanity

This really is the first house we’ve owned where I wasn’t thinking about resale or appealing to the mass of renters when making design decisions. That’s not to say that I don’t think about resale every second of every day 😉 , but it isn’t always my driving force here.

What better place to take a few risks than in a kids’ bathroom? Especially one that’s upstairs tucked away between two bedrooms? I briefly considered a full-on Lego-themed masterpiece but that idea quickly went by the wayside. I’m doing this bathroom for cheap, remember?

Plus, I’m not really a fan of themed rooms. They’re awesome in the Legoland Resort, but I’d tire of it quickly in my own home.

So, I decided to use a fun color for the boys’ bathroom vanity. I asked what they wanted and it was a unified desire for green. Not surprised at all. It’s all three of their favorite color.

I had admired a green bathroom vanity that Sarah Richardson did years ago. Back when HGTV had design shows. *Sigh* The good ol’ days.

sarah richardson

I remember thinking, “I’d like to do something like that someday when we’re going to be somewhere for a while.”

And then years later, the Petersiks did a green vanity in a show house that I loved.


Also, I liked the green vanity in this HGTV dream home.


So when they all said green, I was overjoyed. And then I ran to Pinterest for more inspiration, because why not? I love to look for inspiration even when I already fully know what I want to do. More like validation, I suppose.

I went with a Sherwin Williams color (Parisian Green) mostly because of the sample size. I chose a color that was nearly identical to Valspar Tropical Foliage because I wanted to try and reuse the hinges.

They were brass and ugly. Hinges aren’t terribly expensive, but when you need several they add up fast. Plus, my budget for in here was negative dollars so I was trying to reuse everything I could.

You can’t brush paint on hinges. It’ll never, ever work. It’ll be too thick and it will peel off the very first time you open the door. I have; however, had some luck with spray painting hinges. That’s why I wanted to use a paint that matched a spray paint color so that the exposed hinges would practically disappear. I used a couple of very thin coats and so far it seems like it’ll work. If they don’t hold up, I’ll spring for new hinges someday.

I even sprayed the screw heads so everything blends away nicely.


The vanity was sturdy and in good shape, but the finish was pretty worn. It’s original and over 30 years old and there isn’t a lot of ventilation in this bathroom. I think the moisture over all those years just took its toll.

old finish

I used a deglosser and then a coat of primer, followed by three thin coats of paint. You can use a foam roller for quicker results, but I like to use a brush. Long, quick strokes and thin layers prevent bristle marks and give you a smooth, factory-like finish. Someone probably made a youtube tutorial if you are wondering how to do that.

green doors

I bought a new toilet paper holder just because the old one was cheap and ugly and apparently impossible to use. Maybe the boys will be able to understand how to replace the roll on this type?

tp roll

Here’s hoping.

(More pics when the entire bathroom is revealed.)


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