Black Hardware

I’m going to remind you one more time that my budget for the boys’ bathroom was pretty much non-existent. Is it annoying to hear that? I hate when people are always talking about money, but this blog is nothing if not full of ways to update your home on a limited budget. The way I see it, the less money I spend on each project, the more projects I get to do.

That said, I also want nice updates/makeovers/renovations. No one WANTS it to look like they did things as cheaply as possible. Sometimes I take risks and they work. Sometimes I end up having to spend a bit more money, but more times than not I save a lot of money by being creative and resourceful.

We have a drawer storage unit in the garage that’s full of miscellaneous cabinet hardware. Knobs, pulls, handles, hinges. Mostly leftovers from multipacks or ones we’ve changed out but liked enough to reuse somewhere else. We usually end up donating (or throwing away if they’re just disgusting) when we redo an entire kitchen or bathroom, though.

Lansa from IKEA is sold in packs of two. We used these bar pulls in a kitchen that must have had an odd number of doors and drawers and had just one left over. I went through my cabinet hardware drawers to see if there was anything I could use for the boys’ bathroom and decided to use this pull, but it needed modification.

lansa pull

I wanted to use black hardware to pull out the deeper tones in the tile and to coordinate with the mirror I’ll be using. I wanted a longer bar pull on the faux drawer front under the sink and shorter ones on the working drawers, with knobs on the doors.

I always like to put hardware on false drawers. It just looks more finished to me. Plus, in the kitchen a bar pull is a great place to hang your towel right near your sink, and in a kids’ bathroom they’re a great height for the hand towel since the kids probably don’t do a great job of using the towel ring up higher.

We had a million knobs from all those IKEA drawer fronts we used in the master bathroom; they all came with knobs that we didn’t use.

black knob

I bought the smaller pulls from Target.

black bar pull

I chose the ones from Target because they were 3″ centers.

3 inch

That means I wouldn’t have to fill and redrill holes on my drawer fronts. Three inch pulls seem to be getting more and more difficult to find. They were the most common size in the 80s and prior, so if you’re updating a house know that there are still 3″ options out there. You can always fill holes and make new ones, but it’s such a relief to find ones that save you some work.

A longer bar pull was difficult to find (at least in stock anywhere) in a black finish, so this is where I had to get creative and be cheap. I just spray painted the Lansa I had left over. (Using matte, not gloss!)

paint lansa

It’s metal, so it should last forever. Metal takes spray paint really well!

So, I used knobs we already had and I painted the long pull we already had. Also, I reused the hinges that were already here. That means I only spent ~$11 (the two pack of pulls from Target) for all of the cabinet hardware in this bathroom. Not bad.

It wasn’t as easy as just unscrewing the old ones and screwing on the new ones. Of course. It never is simple. The screws that came with the IKEA knobs and pull weren’t long enough to reach through my drawers and doors. (IKEA cabinetry is thin.) And I couldn’t just use the old screws that were already in place (like you often can with new hardware that has screws that are too short) because IKEA uses metric. They weren’t threaded correctly for my old screws.

Not the end of the world. I’ve run into this before. Lowe’s to the rescue.

screw sizing

They have this little thing in the hardware aisle where you can screw in your old screw to find out what size it is. And if it’s metric, you go to the specialty drawers and get what you need.

metric screws

If it’s standard, there are a million choices on the regular racks in the screw aisle.

Like I mentioned, the 3″ centers meant I didn’t need to make any new holes for my pulls on the drawers, and of course the holes in the doors were already in the right place for new knobs. The only holes I needed to make were on the faux drawer front.

They say to “measure twice, cut once” and I take it to heart. I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years. No one is born knowing how to perfectly handle a table saw or drill, right? I measured like a thousand times. Measure to find the center point of the drawer. Measure how far apart the holes are on the pull. Measure to determine how far in from each edge the holes will be. Measure from the top and the bottom to make sure it’s centered vertically also. Measure, measure, measure. Mark with a pencil and then make sure your marks are level in relation to the drawer next to it.


Only THEN should you drill holes into the wood.

Here’s what the hardware looks like, but the green in the following pics is not accurate at all. I broke another phone (shocking, I know) so I used a camera on an older phone we have around here. That, in addition to my poor photog skills and a very sunny bathroom totally washed out the green.

long bar pull short bar pull black knob

Next step will either be sink and countertop or more painting. But the hubs might get back to work on our shower first. Who knows? I don’t really know where we’re heading around here most days. Except to the pool. I know there will be water and sunshine. Happy summer, you guys!


  1. how has the spray painted handle held up to use?? I want black in my kitchen and Ikea has the cheapest of this style but only in silver 🙁

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