An Outdoor Kinda Weekend

It was an outdoor kinda weekend. Aren’t they all this time of year? For us, yes!

The hubs and boys started their Saturday at Lowe’s Build and Grow while I slept late. A large majority of our Saturdays start this way.

build and grow

Then we went to a car show where my first car was on display. Not my EXACT one, because I’m sure it blew up years ago, but the same make and model. There’s just something about seeing your first vehicle at a classic car show that makes you feel ancient, even though it was already 20 years old when I got it. At least I can still rock a romper. 🙂


That was followed by cell phone shopping. Shoot me. It’s gotten worse than car shopping. And that’s saying a whole heck of a lot. Ugh.

We did manage to get a bunch of things accomplished around the house, too.

The boys helped me clean off the patio. We were left with a ton of sand after the water from the flash floods all drained away. It’s not hyperbole to say that I’m a bit scared that my neighbor’s house might crumble down into our yard someday. 🙁

corb sweep sandy patio

Oh yeah, just sweeping the patio in his goggles and underwear. No big deal.

See how the railroad ties are shifting? Not good.

railroad tie

The hubs moved to the backyard sprinklers. Remember he worked on the front ones already? There was another broken piece that had to be located and fixed, but I think he has that all under control now.

I have no pics of that because my hands were covered in grease. I really shouldn’t go so long between grill cleanings. Yuck!

The deck also got a good scrubbing and new coat of Thompson’s.

clean deck

The hubs replaced our old porch lights. They used to be brass, but were so old that the brass finish had almost worn completely off of one of them, making it almost look bronze in some spots.


I chose a motion light that’s much prettier than your momma’s motion/flood light. We needed three of them; one for the porch and one for each side of the garage. They’re so fancy with all their programming options.

flood light settings

They’re also a bit bigger than what was there before, which is better scale for flanking the garage and…well…they’re just plain pretty.

porch light motion light

Remember the bench I made from the haircut stool? I stuck it out on the front porch temporarily, and finally got around to painting the bench I wanted to use out there.

bench top

I got this off someone’s curb in Norman a long time ago. It had a table and another bench that I left for the trash man because they were both falling apart and had obviously been chewed on by someone’s dog. This bench was just a bit worn, though. No bite marks. It was sturdy and only needed a bit of paint to perk it up.

paint sample

I used the latex version of the red that I got for the porch chalkboard, applied thinly so it would look more like a red stain.

red bench top red bench

I took a load to Goodwill that included most of our old patio furniture. We had some decent pieces with cushions that were pretty comfy, but they never got used because the cushions were always dirty. Am I doing something wrong? Do people actually bring all their cushions in all the time? Every time I tried to go out to the patio and sit, I had to kill spiders and wash away dirt and then sit on wet cushions. I don’t know. I was just so over it all.

Back when we had to evict some tenants, they left a horrible old picnic table in the yard…for us to store at our cost for 30 days and then dispose of at our cost with all their other crap. Grrr. Don’t start, Avone.

Anyway, we got rid of the old wood but kept this weirdly-painted frame. (Is that camo?)


I figured I could paint it and add new wood and get rid of all the spidery, wet patio furniture we had.

I sanded and cleaned the frame with a wire brush. Then I used Rustoleum to seal in the tiny bit of rust that was starting.


I just grabbed a color called Sand because it was sort of the color of bare wood. I didn’t really care what color it was. Maybe someday I’ll paint it a fun color to coordinate with bright outdoor dishes?

painted frame

I wasn’t too picky; I mainly just wanted to get a functioning table and useable chairs out there so we could eat outside, which I’d prefer to do every night all summer long. And I wanted it for cheap. Success.

table frame

See all that sand? That was before we cleaned up the patio.


We do have some other chairs out there that have backs but not cushions (barely seen on the left of the following pic), so we can still sit back and relax by the fire pit if we ever wanted to do that. Definitely not for the next several months.

photo bombers

Now if I could just figure out a way to make this yard a desirable place to sit. It needs some prettying up. Maybe some hardscaping. And landscaping.

I’m not so great at landscaping, but I’m pretty good at shopping.

target price

Target had these plastic Adirondack chairs on sale for less than ten bucks. These are the type of chairs I can really get happy about. I won’t feel guilty for buying all new cushions every couple of years only for them to fade and get dirty and harbor spiders again. These two chairs were half the price of one replacement cushion.

Will they last forever? No. I’m sure they will fade and the plastic will get brittle and crack. But they’re so bright and pretty in the mean time and they’re cheap enough to be replaced every few years with no guilt. And, the best part, they can be hosed off and dried in a couple of minutes, which means they’ll actually get used.

They’re comfy too!

adirondack chairs

I also picked up a planter that was an additional 50% off the already 25% off. (I need to get a plant in there now. What’s something the Oklahoma heat and I can’t kill?)

Not exactly a flower bed, but it’s pretty. Right? Ignore those loose bricks. We didn’t do anything permanent when we were playing with the shape of this area.

I got that garden stool on sale at the end of summer last year and was just waiting to use it. Lowe’s has the exact same style this year, but they aren’t on clearance yet. (It’s still very affordable compared to their ceramic garden stool.)

I was so happy to find all those pieces on clearance, but you know what doesn’t make me happy? The fact that we’re far enough into summer that this stuff is on clearance. 🙁 What happened to June?!


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