Musical Chairs

I got some chairs from OU for $5 each back when they were redoing the College of Architecture. They were originally wood and then I painted them white and we’ve used them at our kitchen table for about four years. They were getting kinda dirty; I didn’t use a paint that was very scrubable. Bad idea for white kitchen chairs with kids. Oh well.

So I sanded them all down (with help from my boys) and painted them each a different color.

sand chairs

You know I like my color-matched spray and latex paint.

matching paint spray paint

It’s great to have the option to use both when you have spindles or hard-to-reach rails like on the underside of a chair.

I just turned them upside down in the grass and sprayed the hard-to-reach areas and legs first. I don’t worry about getting paint in the grass. It’s the backyard where no one sees and it mows right off.

chair legs


We were previously using five of these in our kitchen at this pedestal table, and three were not being used.

(This picture was of the light, but you can see the chairs.)

lemon light

I moved six of the chairs from our formal dining/craft table into our kitchen to be used with a new table from IKEA.

(Here are a few old pics to remind you.)

door table

table door

orb light on

And here’s what they look like with the Torsby table.

shell chairs

Overlook the bare concrete floor and ignore that assortment of doors and trim in the background. I’m just getting way ahead of myself again. 😉

Don’t worry, I sold the turquoise table on Craigslist to offset the cost of the new table. I only wanted to buy this chrome frame and put a rustic wood top on it, but in so-not-my-husband fashion, he said, “Just buy the top that goes on it.” Weird. I guess he saw work in his future? I totally would have done it myself. 🙂

The point in all of this was to get a table that fit the eat-in area of our kitchen/our growing family better and to have chairs that were more food/kid friendly.

“Growing” as in my boys are getting big and need more leg and elbow room, not growing as in “adding a kid.” Though you’ll definitely hear about it if that ever happens.

Wasn’t this a cute table for a small/young family, though? I’ll miss it.

Eat-in kitchen

The fiberglass shell chairs are very easy to clean, as is the glass table top. I was loving it.

You know what I didn’t love? The colorful chairs around my formal dining/craft table. Whomp whomp.

I love the chairs themselves. How could you not?

pretty chairs

But as soon as I put them all around the table, I couldn’t help but think “classroom.” Totally not the look I was going for. I just thought it would be fun to have some whimsical, bright, cheery chairs for the craft table but they weren’t working for me.

I tried to talk myself into repainting six of them white to go back around the kitchen table and just move the fiberglass shell chairs back where they were, but I put a lot of sweat into sanding and painting all of those chairs in late July (when it’s like 150 degrees in OK) and I really liked them. Even though they weren’t perfect (follow the directions on the can regarding acceptable temperatures for spray painting), I didn’t WANT to repaint them.

I couldn’t talk myself out of thinking they needed to be in a classroom, though. I immediately thought of the perfect homeschooling classroom that I knew would soon be in need of new chairs (because you just can’t put middle-schoolers in toddler chairs 🙂 and these dang kids won’t stop growing up on us).

So that’s where they went. Six of them found a new home this afternoon in the classroom of one of my most favorite homeschooling families and I’ll keep two of them to be pulled up wherever/whenever we might need an extra chair or two.

So, since I already had eight of the shell chairs, I just put them back where they started. I really do love white chairs with a wood table and only moved them to the kitchen in the first place because they’re so easy to clean. The idea to paint the other chairs all different colors came after that.

I thought about keeping the shell chairs in the kitchen and getting new ones for the formal dining/craft/game/sewing table, but since I had eight and only needed five for my family to eat dinner, it was more economical to get new chairs for the kitchen. (Of course I got six though, because duh. Symmetry.)

So then I looked all over the metro and searched Craigslist for a couple weeks. Chairs are expensive! And you need so many of them; they add up fast. Of course that meant we headed to IKEA. (I wanted to surprise the boys with one last trip to Six Flags before our membership expired this month, so a trip to DFW was already on the calendar.)

We ended up with these chairs. They’re white and chrome so they go great with the white and chrome table that we just got last trip to IKEA, and they mix easily with all the white fiberglass shell chairs that also have a chrome base.

(1)They seem to be pretty easy to keep clean, though we JUST finished putting them all together (the 6th one was still not finished at photo time). Time will tell, I guess.

(2)They’re a basic, timeless style. I love bent wood furniture!

(3)They stack! For some reason that’s a great feature in my opinion. Maybe from all the moving we’ve done? Maybe because I know they might end up stacked in my garage someday?

So yeah. That’s the long version. The short version would have been, “we got these new chairs and this new table from IKEA.” Less words, Avone. Less words!

bentwood chairs

Psst…I just noticed that the Vilmar chairs are back to $39. They were $29 just last week with the IKEA family card. If you frequent IKEA, the family card is definitely worth getting…and it’s free!

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