Three Bathrooms

So we have three bathrooms at least partially under construction around here, remember? The master would be *this close* to completion if we’d just go ahead and commit to a shower door already. The other two are nearing completion as well. In fact, it looks like they’ll probably all be ready for a reveal at about the same time.

It sounds pretty pitiful to me that it took a year to complete our bathroom, but considering we went weeks at a time multiple times without doing anything in there, I suppose that’s not too bad. Especially since we simultaneously worked on two more bathrooms, as well as a million other smaller projects.

Three bathrooms in one year sound a lot better, right? So yeah. Let’s go with that.

I have great intentions of getting around to showing you what all we’ve done in the boys’ bathroom and also of showing you the finishing details in the guest bath as well as the master bath. But not today. Because I am dang tired.

So I literally like never read blogs before about five years ago. I think I was pretty late to that game. And even then, I was very particular about what I read. I didn’t at all like bloggers like me. Ha.

I wanted something I could count on. Something that I could look forward to every day. It was like a little luxury that I rewarded myself with over coffee in the morning or for a few quick minutes before I crashed into bed.

And I had to love it. All of it. Who wants to read a blog that’s annoying half the time? Or of someone who claims to blog about DIY but then talks about cooking or parenting or vacationing every other post? Not me.

I was also very elitist. I didn’t have much time. I couldn’t branch out and explore. I could never take the time to find some wonderful, yet undiscovered, blogger.

I don’t even know what my point in saying all that was. Haha. I’m listening to the Petersik’s podcast with Jess Lively (I don’t even know who that is) in the background as I was pinning ideas for the living room and thought, “Man, I really should post a blog update. I keep meaning to.”

I don’t even pretend to know what their lives are like, and I definitely don’t want their “success.” I’ve barely blogged all summer and loved it. No pressure at all to finish a certain project to keep readers. Nope…just lots of hanging out with my boys and soaking up the sun. But, some of what they’re saying about the freedom to decorate their rooms now that they aren’t blogging is totally resonating with me. And I think it partly explains why I’m moving so slowly compared to when I wasn’t blogging.

You see, sometimes I get overwhelmed feeling like I can’t do anything as simple as paint a door without blogging about it. Which is so dumb. The whole point of this blog was to be able and look back on for our own purposes and enjoyment. To see pics of my boys with their little pretend tools helping Daddy. To remember how we laid a certain tile or what color we used in that one room.

I wanted it to be fun. To be an online diary of our DIY journey. And then it somehow started stressing me out. So I stopped posting three times a week and went down to one. And then I decided to only blog when I felt like it. But if I did that there would be these big gaps and readers would be so lost. So it seemed like I’d have to blog everything so people knew what was going on. But then that isn’t fun and feels like a chore.

See my problem? Then I had blog paralysis. And also I didn’t want to get too many projects ahead of where I had blogged for fear of not ever being able to get you caught up. More paralysis.

So anyway. Same ol’ inner conflict. I want to blog. And I like to blog. But I only want to do it when I feel like it. Ha. Good thing you guys aren’t paying my mortgage. 🙂

We had a great summer and now we’re a couple weeks back into school. My oldest is in junior high this year (Is that still a thing or is it just middle school and then high school?) and his work load has really revved up, just like my husband and I both recall ours doing at his age, so I don’t necessarily think I’m overworking him.

My youngest is in kindergarten (*tears*) and he’s very excited to learn to read. He needs some more work on vowel combos and consonant clusters before he can do that very well, but the amount of time that I’ll be listening to him seems like eternity. (You know what I mean, right? I’m not complaining because it’s so exciting for him and I know that it’ll only be excruciatingly painful for a very short period, and I LOVE to be the one who teaches him!)

So far I’m still adjusting. Today was long for all of us. Blogging is the last thing that I had planned to do, but for some reason I just felt pressure to get some words out. Stick around if you want. Or never come back…I totally wouldn’t read my own blog. 🙂

Bathroom posts will likely resume later this week, followed by all three final reveals in the week(s) after that. Or whatever.



  1. hi….I am looking at Lowes natural Timber Ash tiles for my kitchen/family room/bath/laundry. love a seamless look. did you use any spacers or grout AT ALL? If you don’t use ANY grout, won’t there be cracks for dirt?

    • We butted ours completely up to one another to get more of a real wood look. The crack is miniscule, and I’ve been able to keep the floors clean by using a vacuum with a hose (which I get out frequently for other areas of the house anyway). I’d go with a dark gray grout if I were to use any at all, which I may eventually if I think they’re getting nasty. So far they’re working out great!

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