My Madness Explained

I’m sure it seems absurd that I started on the other two bathrooms in this house before the master bathroom was finished. But the thing is, it really does make sense. I really do have a madness method.

The hubs and I each have different areas where we excel, or types of projects that we prefer or dislike. He has a day job and so do I. Mine doesn’t pay, but if you don’t think being a SAHM (especially one who teaches three grades) is a job, you’re just wrong. Plain and simple.

We do the projects we can when we have the time before/after/between work. You don’t see it on this blog, but I have a huge to-do list and I’m marking things off when I can. I don’t just start busting into kitchen walls because I’m bored. Well, okay, maybe sometimes I do. But seriously, it’s all on the list and I move onto things I can (or want to) do even if a previous room isn’t completed.

Sometimes it’s not complete because I’m waiting on the hubs and sometimes it’s not complete because I’m waiting on materials and sometimes it’s not complete because I get tired of the same ol’ thing (like painting wood trim a million coats). So yeah, it might look like I’m insane and scatter brained and too spontaneous to actually ever finish a project, but the truth is the jumping around keeps me motivated.

It’s not like we’re just doing a bathroom makeover or just painting all the wood trim or just adding curb appeal. We’re doing the entire house. It might seem like one project takes forever, but in reality the entire house will be finished in the end and it won’t be any different time-wise than if we’d done one room at a time.

Does that make any sense?

Sure, we have a main project (the master bathroom) that we’re working on, but if the mood strikes me to do something that has nothing to do with that project, I definitely do it. Follow the motivation! Or I work on small tasks to get a breather from the main project if I need it.

Don’t we all kinda do that in every area of our lives? In the work force, don’t we check our email or clean off our desks or take a walk to the water fountain when we need a break from the really intensive things on our to-do list? Same with housework. Don’t you guys start with the small/quick tasks first? Homeschoolers? Don’t you start the day with the easier/shorter subjects (unless your kid is a morning person and they excel at math first thing)?

We don’t always work like that. There have been times (many times) where we worked on one room hard and fast and then moved onto the next. But that was when we more worked together side-by-side and we worked non-stop and we worked quickly in order to make a profit at the end. We’ve since learned what areas each of us are better in/at or maybe what one of us is just horrible at and should be left to the other.

We’re not in as big of a hurry here. Sure, I want the entire house finished. Who wouldn’t? But we also want to enjoy life. Each other. Our boys.

If my husband is watching a movie with the boys and I decide to start the board and batten in the guest bath that I know he won’t get around to tiling for six months, then I do. He’ll get around to his part eventually.

Or maybe he’s playing a game with the youngest and I decide to tear into the kitchen. Or I’m having dinner with my friends and he works on the yard that I hate to do. Would I rather he lay tile? Sure. But it all has to get done, and we each try to do what we want when we feel like it (I think). It helps us avoid burnout. And we never, ever have huge fights about the house like I hear people in the midst of renovations do, so I think it’s working.

So that’s why I started on the guest bathroom back in January (and finally got around to blogging about it in February). The hubs was watching a movie with his mom and the boys. I had my huge to-do list and found a project on it that sounded fun at the moment. Simple as that. (I also painted the wall cabinet back around that time and changed the light, mirror, and hardware.)

Somewhere along the way the hubs tore out the old vanity, laid the tile, and changed the toilet in there. I seriously have no idea when he did that. It’s kind of a blur. It was on his list and he did it. Who knows when? Maybe while I was at the pool with the boys? Maybe I was grocery shopping? We’re not joined at the hip. 😉

remove sink old vanity

vanity removed gray tile

Honestly, I love when we’re both knee deep in a project together, but we have lives and we have jobs and responsibilities and kids. Sometimes it’s just more efficient to divide and conquer and that might mean the master bathroom doesn’t get done for a year, but two other bathrooms also got completed. We took two vacations and some weekend trips. We went on some dates. We spent time with our kids one-on-one. I built a tv stand and a bathroom table and a bench and did an awesome painting with my kids. He did a ton of yardwork and maintained our vehicles and managed our rent houses and had a successful garden. We built light fixtures for the classroom and over the dining/craft table. There were a ton of crafty projects in there somewhere. We played with trains and playdough and Lego. There were dozens of days spent at the pool. We played tennis and took bike rides. There were some video games and Minecraft and other boy stuff I try not to understand. Don’t forget those TWO evictions and all the work that came afterwards (haven’t collected a single penny, btw).

You guys know I organize my life from summer to summer rather than by the calendar year. So there you have it, a very productive year. We completed a ton of projects and did things that I could successfully mark off my list, but most importantly, we made memories. Of the DIY variety and otherwise.

 (I’ll have more details on the finished guest bathroom next time. I love the transformation in there!)

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