Happy Birthday To Me

Today is not my birthday. But it wasn’t very long ago, and we did this…

wall hole

I busted into the wall between the living room and kitchen (without telling anyone) while the hubs and kids were upstairs playing video games. (Pretty sure I scared them half to death.) Don’t anyone get excited. I was just checking to see exactly where the gas line was and whether or not there was a header beam. Just planning stuff. Definitely not the start of a kitchen renovation.

Two years ago on my birthday, we closed on this house. How has it been two years already?!

Last year on my birthday, we went walking around Lowe’s after dinner because it was my birthday and that’s what I enjoy doing. I’m weird. That’s when we found the vanity and countertop for the guest bathroom.

(Edit: It appears that we actually got that after dinner on my anniversary. It’s not long after my birthday and I remembered the evening incorrectly.)


Then it sat in my living room forever until it got stored in the classroom over summer and then finally installed. But not until it was practically rebuilt first.

See up there how the drawers are on the right? Well, because of where our plumbing is, the drawers needed to be on the other side. Did you ever realize how much trouble drawers are under a sink? No wonder 90% of vanities are just cabinets with doors. (Moving the pipes wasn’t an option in this situation without busting out the concrete floor or re-framing the wall. Taking the vanity apart seemed easiest.)

So that’s what the hubs did. He took off the drawer glides and cut out the supports, then he removed the center support part of the face frame between the doors and drawers and scooted it over and rebuilt the drawer supports on the other side. In the mean time, I was prepping the wall where removing the old vanity left it damaged.

vanity removed

The vanity that was there before was deeper than the new one. That seems to be pretty common in our experience. Bathroom cabinets have gotten a couple inches shallower over the years, but they’re also a few inches taller now which is easier on your back.

So, I needed to patch the wall that would be seen. I could have repaired the entire thing, but I didn’t see the point. Notice the red line in the pic below. That’s where the new vanity would stop.


I used joint compound and sanded it smooth once dry.


joint compound sand smooth

Originally I didn’t plan to patch the wall to the side of the vanity, only in the front, since the new vanity was taller and would cover it. But then I realized that the old sidesplash was pretty tall and decided to go ahead and make sure I had a smooth wall well under where the new countertop would sit.

remove sink

patch wall

Once that was dry and sanded, the new vanity could finally be installed.

fill hole

See where I patched the hole where the knob had been on the door? Since we reversed the doors and drawers and since the hinges were already installed when we bought it, it was easiest just to flip the door over and keep the hinges where they were. Wood filler, sanding block, paint, and you can’t even tell.

I finished painting the vanity and installed the drawers. It looks great and it was only $50 for the top/sink AND the vanity. That might be the best $50 ever spent.

Next, I finished the board and batten that had been partially done for, like, ever. I’ll have more on that next time. I’m planning on two posts this week. *Gasp*

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