Traditional Surprise

We’re closing in on all these bathrooms and I’m getting excited to reveal them to you, but I’m already annoyed because I still only have my phone camera and barely know how to use that. 😉 Maybe you guys all just need to come over for a huge reveal party (someone bring a latte machine!) because I already know they won’t look nearly as good on this blog as they do in real life. Sigh.

I’m back in the guest bathroom for today’s post. So far we’ve covered new lighting, hardware, mirror, toilet, tile, vanity, sink, as well as fresh paint on the wall cabinet, upper walls, ceiling, and air vent. I also started telling you about the board and batten on the walls, but I didn’t finish it until after the new vanity was installed.

Last you saw, it was looking like this…


(I just left the tp holder where it was, but it’s starting to bug me that it didn’t fall in the center of a section. I might have to move that.)

The top molding and lattice pieces had been installed and primed. (If you’re interested in this project for yourself, the previous post that I linked up there has some good info as well as links to other approaches to board and batten.)

I was waiting for the hubs to lay tile before I installed the baseboards.

gray tile


Also, once the new vanity was installed, the rest of the lattice pieces could be attached to the wall.


Some needed to be cut to fit around obstacles.

cut around counter counter lattice

As we’ve been doing all along, the outlets and switches were changed from 80’s almond to white.

I decided to use a wooden switch plate and outlet cover in this bathroom so that they could be painted to tie into the board and batten for a more custom look. The lattice also had to be cut to fit here.

cut lattice

Once everything was primed and painted a bright white, it made the sink look not so white. I hadn’t realized in the store (with bright lighting) that the sink wasn’t a pure white. It was a bit off-white, creating the same issue we had in the boys’ bathroom with the original shower tile.

I used the same Snowcap color that we used upstairs in their bathroom, but it looks darker downstairs. The upstairs bathroom gets a lot of natural light and you can’t even tell that it’s not bright white in that room. The guest bathroom doesn’t have a window, though, nor does it have an overhead light (just the one above the mirror…it’s just a small powder room). Without the extra light, it’s obvious that it’s a creamier color than pure white.

I stressed over it for a few days. I have a fear of things looking dingy or yellowed. Dirt and grime and nicotine residue are not our friends, people. The hubs said we could get a new countertop and sink if I wanted. I just knew that I’d hate the entire room once I finished repainting.

(Here’s a small peak…)

board batten

BUT I DIDN’T! Something about the classic vibe from the board and batten and the slightly traditional feel of the vanity just seem to work with a softer white. The vanity itself is not as modern as I’d normally choose, but I loved the gray counter. For fifty bucks, I decided to try it. (Especially since this house is a little bit on the traditional side.) And it has totally surprised me. This entire bathroom has surprised me. It’s not at all my normal style, but I’m so loving it!

Trying to capture some decent pics for the reveal…stay tuned…

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