Finally a Master Bathroom Post

Seriously guys?! Where have you been? I’ve had three bathroom reveals to show you for, like, ever. Geez.

I couldn’t even remember where I left off. I had to look back through old posts to figure out where I stopped showing you progress.

Seems like you’re pretty much caught up in the guest and boys’ bathrooms, but haven’t seen the master since the shower was looking like this…

tile ready

Well, like that except not crooked in real life. Good grief, Avone.

That was literally like three months ago. SMH. Then I started showing you the other bathrooms while the hubs tiled the shower.

I could break this into four or five posts and talk about the walls and the ceiling and the shelves and the floor, but I’m so over blogging about this bathroom. So. totally. over. it. I’m ready for the reveal already, dangit!

So, I’ll just throw it all together and summarize what we did. We used basic white subway tile on the walls to keep our costs down (and because I love it). It flows smoothly over from the tub area into the shower walls.


That’s Jake from Neverland in a diving outfit waving at you. And a spot or scratch or something that I can’t get off my lens; if you look closely you’ll notice it on all these pics.

We used marble on all the horizontal planes of the shower–the ceiling, the shelves, the curb, and the floor.

Here are some crappy pics of the ceiling for you. You’re welcome.

ceiling2 ceiling1

The shelves are just 12×12 marble tiles cut on the diagonal. I wanted one low enough to act as a shaving ledge, and spaced the others to where we’d have enough room for the tallest bottles of body wash or shampoo even if it they had pumps. (My toes were too cold to demonstrate that without socks.)

shaving ledge

Ignore the tools, bolts, screws, and plumbing pieces, but here’s a shot of all the shelves. (Also pretend you don’t see that glass leaning there. That’s for later.)

shelves shelves (2)

The curb is topped with that same marble cut-to-size. Sorry about the horrible pic. I swear I took five and this was the best one.


It ties in perfectly with the marble backsplash we used for the sinks.

sink faucet

Shower floors have to be slightly sloped in order for the water to drain properly, so mosaics are a must. We considered at least a dozen options in solid white, white and gray tones, and marble. Our favorites are below.


Ultimately we decided that we needed more marble. 🙂 I chose that rectangular mosaic in the middle on the bottom to coordinate with all the other rectangular marbles.

Some people really love darker grout with white subway tile right now. It’s definitely having a moment, but I prefer white. Especially in a shower. I want to be able to see if there’s mold or funk so I can clean it. Hiding mold is never a goal of mine.


We opted for a light gray grout on the floor, thinking it would flow well with the grey veining in the marble. Also, it wouldn’t hide mold like charcoal or black may, but it also wouldn’t get as grungy as bright white might as it ages. (Shower floors seem to do that over the decades no matter how often you clean them.) It didn’t end up being as dark as I thought it would. In fact, it barely looked any darker than the white once it was all the way dry. We’re happy with it, though.

gray grout light grout

That leaves the door and shower fixtures (for the master and boys’ baths). Those will definitely be a combined post and then I’ll borrow a real camera and beg the hubs to take some decent pics for all the reveals. So close, guys. Don’t stay away so long next time.

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