I Need Balance

Remember when I showed you the guest bathroom board and batten? I had left the toilet paper holder where it originally was, but that ended up being not centered in the middle of a section of board and batten.


Stuff like that annoys me. It’s the small things that really add up to make your home look great. I couldn’t leave it there. I need balance. I love symmetry. Centered is important.

Also, it’s kind of front and center when you walk into the bathroom. Which I suppose isn’t horrible, seeing as how it’s a bathroom and all. But I figured it would look better moved to the section to the left rather than being re-centered in the section it was already in.

So, I just unscrewed the tiny little screw underneath to take the tp holder off the wall again. (You know, the one that requires you to track down the tiniest screwdriver you own.) Then I removed the support bracket. Then I pulled out the anchors that I could, but one of them was being stubborn so I just punched it further into the wall.

remove bracket old anchors

Then I smeared a layer of joint compound over the entire thing.

texture 1

After that dried, I sanded it and applied another layer to make sure it was completely smooth with the wall around it. This wall has no texture, so it was crucial (and difficult) to get it perfect.

texture 2

Then I painted.


I found the center point and marked for my new anchors.

measure mark

Then I drilled pilot holes for my new anchors.


anchors new anchors

Then I re-hung the support bracket and put the tp holder back in place.

replace holder


Aww, now everything is right in the world. Except not. Not at all. This world is nuts. At least this bathroom doesn’t drive me crazy.

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