You get what you pay for!

I don’t even really want to talk much about our shower door. Suffice it to say that you get what you pay for. I won’t go into any detail about installation, as that will be different for every door/shower/person. Let me just say that there were times I kinda wanted to take a sledge hammer to the entire thing.

The original stationary panel that they sent us had a brown streak embedded in the glass. We tried to wipe it off, but it was quickly obvious that it was inside the glass. Thankfully, the company sent us out a new panel with no questions asked. I’m pretty sure that’s because they know their product sucks. They also sent us a new handle since the first one arrived broken. Also, without question.

So that’s good. We finally had everything we needed and it didn’t cost us anything more. Except time. We had to wait on shipment again, of course. I was beginning to think that we might not finish this bathroom in my lifetime.

I assumed once we had everything, the installation would be a breeze and be over in no time. Nope. And here is where I stop talking about it except to say that the directions were sub par, and the quality of the hardware was less than stellar. (We had to buy new screws (theirs kept breaking), alter the bracket installation, re-do a few things because of poor instructions, etc.)

But, you get what you pay for. Am I glad to have paid <$700 instead of $2000? Yes. Would I ever use this company again? Nope. Will I recommend them to my friends? Heck no.

In the end, the door is finally in place and it looks great! So I’m calling it a success. A very frustrating, annoying, aging, time-consuming success. But cheap(ish). So woohoo!

I can’t really get any pics of the door without showing the entire shower, and I really do want to have nice reveal pics. Ugh. I think a friend is lending me her camera as soon as I ask for it, and my hubs said he’d take the pics. All we were waiting for was this dumb door, so hopefully now that’s it’s finished we can take final pics soon. (I don’t expect you to believe that will ever happen. I think I’ve promised it way too many times.)

Here are a few really up-close detailed pics for you, though.

hinge handle glass

Also, I haven’t shown you the shower fixtures in the master bath or the boys’ bathroom. I chose a similar style for both showers, but used chrome in the boys’ and brushed nickel in ours.

We didn’t want to redo the plumbing upstairs, as that would require us to tear out tile that we couldn’t match. So, we pretty much only had one option for knobs: replacement handles for Price Pfister Verve.

new handles

Not fancy or totally current, but not horrible. Definitely better than the old, rusty brass.

chrome knobs brass knobs

We also changed out the drain cover/triplever and tub spout. All of these pieces had to be purchased separately.

shower parts

rusty triplever

The old drain cover just screws out, but you have to be able to grab it somehow and get some leverage. My husband is brilliant.

remove drain 1 remove drain 2 remove drain 3

He’s also cute.


This shower/tub needed all new caulk. It was pretty funky, but I wanted to wait and see what other messes we made during renovation before we scraped it all out and put new. So, ignore the funk in the pics. That has been handled.

handles tub spout

The Aquasource shower head is the type that comes with the removable hand sprayer, or it can be slid up and down the bar to adjust the height. (Perfect for shorter children.)

chrome showerheads

The water can come from both or either sprayer. Convenient for bathing/rinsing younger children, I imagine, but mine are not babies anymore. It’s also helpful for cleaning the shower. We don’t have pets, but I’d guess this would be wonderful for bathing them also.

I used a different brand and finish for the master shower, but it’s the same style with a second shower head/sprayer. Also wonderfully convenient for adjusting the height, cleaning the shower, or hosing down kids/pets/whatever else. (Or just a broader area of warm water during a winter shower! It’s awesome!)

It’s by Glacier Bay, but that’s just the shower heads. The handle is from this kit by Moen. I explained why we needed the separate parts in this post.

shower head shower heads

And with that, these bathrooms were finished!

Psst…I had hoped to get reveal pics up before Christmas, but we spent every evening last week watching Starwars Episodes 1-6. Then we spent the weekend celebrating my first-born becoming a teenager, and watching Episode 7 🙂 . Busy week ahead (we’re still doing school through Wednesday, Christmas cooking, party with homeschool friends, etc, etc), so it’ll be after Christmas before I return. I promise the next time I post it will be about completed bathrooms. Merry Christmas, guys!

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