Bathroom Reveal (part 1)

First up in the week o’ bathroom reveals is the boys’ bathroom, because it’s the most fun.

Here’s a before picture…

jackjill bath

This is a Jack and Jill bathroom. The door that you’re looking at goes to the boys’ bedroom and the doorway that the pic is taken from goes to the guest room.

That wood that looks kind of like a door on the left is a linen cabinet.

Let’s just get right to it. Here’s an after picture from the same viewpoint.


Fun, right? I LOVE the green vanity. It’s original, as is the linen cabinet, the bathtub, the shower tile, and the entry doors.

The lighting, mirror, toilet, floor tile, wall tile, sink, counter, faucets, cabinet pulls, doorknobs, and tub/shower fixtures are all new (and of course the “easy” tp holder).

I feel like this bathroom is a great example of how you can get a really fresh update without tearing out the most costly portions of the bathroom (the vanity and tub/shower combo).

Even where things are new, we used what we had left from other projects and/or shopped for deals. (Like the cabinet hardware, and the inexpensive paint.)

Here’s where the money went…

Floor Tile (21sqft at $1.78/sqft)   $37.38
Wall Tile (155 pieces at 48¢/piece)   $74.40
Toilet   $88.00
Door Knobs (2)   $22.96
Wall Paint     $5.00
Light   $88.00
Mirror   $69.99
Sink Faucets (2)   $99.98
Sink $250.00
Concrete for Counter   $16.97
 Vanity Paint     $5.00
 Cabinet Pulls  $11.29
Showerhead $71.98
Shower Knobs $39.97
Tub Spout   $9.49
Drain/Trip Lever $16.98
Toilet Line   $6.28
Water Lines (2 hot, 2 cold, 2 split at $6.28 each) $37.68
2 Brass Ts  $13.56
Toilet Paper Holder $12.98
Outlet Box, Outlet, Switches, and Covers   $6.00
Paint for Doors, Trim, Linen Cabinet free w/coupons

There were also some nominal costs that were split across all three bathrooms (like primer, joint compound, tape) that I’ll include in the cost of the master bathroom.

So yeah. A little bit over the budget of “practically nothing” (wasn’t that my budget for the boys’ bathroom?), but pretty reasonable considering all we accomplished. It looks so much better and is worth every penny!

I’m just going to dump a plethora of pics here without any words.

window sign

toilet shower

linen cabinet boys bath

towels faucet2

pulls sink

mirror light

counter2 counter

After looking at these pics (and listening to my husband who never has opinions about such things), I think I’m going to make some sort of window treatment in addition to using that blind. It just seems a bit unfinished. I’m never. ever. finished. ever. (Not that I’m complaining, ’cause I love it and wouldn’t know what to do with myself otherwise.)


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