Bathroom Reveal (part 2)

Next up in the week o’ reveals is the guest bathroom. We did and spent the least in there. Pretty much because it’s only a half bathroom.

Here’s the before picture…

guest bath

And a budget breakdown…

 Flooring  $52.00
 Board and Batten (lattice & top molding)  $53.80
 Baseboard  $23.34
 Toilet  $108.00
 Light  $88.00
 Mirror  $7.53
 Vanity/Sink  $50.00
 Cabinet Pulls  $19.85
 Door Knob  $11.48
 Hinges  $8.31
 Faucet  $39.00
 Wall Box, Outlet, Switches  $2.76
Wooden Outlet Covers $9.94
P-trap, Sink/Toilet Lines, Extension Tube $25.49

The wall paint was a custom mix from various paints I had on hand, and the cabinet paint was left over from a project a few years ago. The trim/lower wall paint was also free thanks to some coupons I had for Valspar.

So that’s a grand total of $499.50! We squeaked in at just less than five hundred bucks, and everything in this bathroom is new except the wall cabinet, which got new paint, hinges, and pulls.

That’s a new sink, vanity, counter, lighting, faucet, toilet, flooring, paint, and hardware for less than what the vanity and counter alone would have cost at regular price. Not bad.

Here’s me trying to get an after pic from the exact same angle as the before, because it annoys me when all the after photos are not even from the same perspective and you can’t even tell what’s going on. Ugh. I seriously hate that. Why do people do that?

take5 take4 take3

Clearly I don’t have a wide-angle lens and I’m pretty sure whomever took that before pic did (it was from the real estate listing). So those are my best attempts (and there were dozens) at an exact angle after shot.

Now here are some detail pics…

guest bath dual flush

floor vanity

wall cabinet light2


This is by far the most difficult bathroom to get pictures of. It’s just not big enough to be able to step back and get good images. Whatever though. I’m over it. Come visit if you want a better look at it.