Bathroom Reveal (part 3)

It’s finally time to reveal the master bathroom. Unlike the other two bathrooms in our house, it was completely gutted.

Here’s a before pic…

master bath

(There’s also a shower out of sight to the left of the bathtub.)

Other than being dated, boring, and ugly, it was moldy and gross. It just made the most sense to get rid of everything.

emptyblank canvas

So obviously we spent quite a bit more in there than in the boys’ bathroom or the guest bathroom. Here’s the breakdown…

Drywall  $23.94
Lumber (vanity bases, tub surround, wall framing) $133.26
Baseboards $47.76
Joint Compound, Vinyl Corner  $14.00
Primer  $17.98
Wall and Ceiling Paint  $53.97
Toilet  $108.00
Drawer/Cabinet Pulls  $79.60
Door Knobs (2)  $22.96
Electrical (boxes, outlets, switches, covers, 30ft additional line, GFI) $58.70
Plumbing (toilet/faucet lines, pvc pipe, P traps, elbows, copper pipe, shut-off valves) $127.90
Lights (2)  $342.08
Sinks/counters (2)  $378.00
Sink Faucets (2) (reused tub faucet that previous owner had replaced)  $99.96
Mirrors (2)  $99.94
Pre-made (IKEA) drawer fronts and drawer boxes (for vanities) $223.00
Storage Tower plus doors/drawer fronts and drawer boxes $240.00
Marble for Sink Backsplashes  $23.92
Marble in Shower (floor mosaic, shelves, ceiling, curb)  $230.28
Marble on Tub Deck  $57.76
Bathtub $998.00
Subway Tile (tub area)  $47.15
Subway Tile (shower)  $119.10
Shower Door  $654.00
Shower Head  $88.00
Shower Knob (including mixer valve)  $139.00
Flooring  $541.75
Concrete Board, Grout, Mortar $124.74
Caulk, Tape, Stain, Foam Insulation under tub, etc $23.32
Grand Total $5,118.07

That’s exactly what we spent on things to use in the bathroom, but it doesn’t mean we used all of it in the bathroom. I didn’t do exact percentage allocations on, say, a bottle of wood glue that will also be used elsewhere. For instance, we had scrap lumber and some drywall left over that we’ve already used in the kitchen. We also have a ton of ceiling paint and primer left that will be used in the kitchen, too. Of course there are partial tubes of caulk and rolls of tape leftover, etc.

So, when you consider that, I’d say we did a pretty dang good job of coming in at exactly $5k. We didn’t have a hard and fast budget, but we hoped to “keep it around $5k.” We actually avoid firm budgets on purpose. If the budget for the bathroom was $7k, then I might feel justified in spending an additional two thousand dollars that I really didn’t need to. Maybe spring for $700 light fixtures? More expensive sinks? (Doubtful 😉 )

We’re both frugal, so it’s usually not a problem to not have a strict budget. (And we never spend more money than we have in our home fund.) If I could have achieved everything we agreed upon for $4k, I definitely would have. We kinda work more like this…

I (or he) decide what I want to do in the room and then I price it out (roughly). Then I tell the hubs, “I want to do X, Y, and Z in the bathroom and I think I can do it for $5k.” He says okay or no way. Or something like, “Well, maybe we don’t really need Y.” And then we discuss it further until we agree.

In this particular room, we hadn’t agreed about redoing the shower until he broke the shower door on accident while tearing out the tile. He had hoped to “keep it under $3k” up until that point. It was one of those happy accidents that work out well in the long run. I think the shower really takes it up to another level. We’re both thrilled with the results and we’re glad to have done it for what we estimated (that’s a more accurate term than “budgeted” for us).

So let’s get to it!

Here’s an after pic from the same viewpoint as the before. (I think there were some spots on the camera lens? Sorry.)


We went from one very long countertop to two shorter ones. Partly because a countertop that long would cost a kajillion dollars and partly so we can each have our own. Obviously we each had our own side before, but now we have that middle storage tower that prevents anyone from crossing the boundary line. Sometimes I have my styling tools and brushes and products and hand mirror and who-knows-what-all spread all over the place and my husband is over there with, like, a bottle of saline. So he’s very happy about this set up.

Here are a couple of shots from the other end of the room.

opposite end vanities

And here’s a really terrible panorama, but it let’s you see how the shower is across from the bathtub.


And here are a bunch more pictures.

water closet M

vanity faucet

mirror storage tower

tub2 tub

handle handle2

shelf shower floor

The shower door opens in or out, which is wonderful! No nasty track to clean, and no water dripped on the floor from an outward swinging door.

shower door2 shower door

Everything is so glossy and shiny and reflective and pretty. Makes it kinda hard to get a straight-on pic of the shower.


shower2 shower1

So glad to be done with the bathrooms. Now to the kitchen…


  1. Wow! Your bathroom is gorgeous!
    We are half through a bathroom remodel & I haven’t decided what to do around the bathtub deck! Ughhh its so much to decide!
    I was wondering if you would mind sharing your resources & possibly process used like slab/tile? (i.e. the bathtub deck, is that marble tiles?) price for $57 seems low! actually most of the tile materials seem to be great prices?!
    I would greatly appreciate any pointers or direction you have time for! 🙂

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