Brick Wall (part 3)

I started showing you my attempt at a brick wall here and here.

After my narrower tape arrived from Amazon, I was anxious to do another trial board. And then it hit me that even if I could successfully pull off faux brick, I might decide not too far down the road that it was a tacky idea. That happens, ya know?

I imagine that faux bricks made of joint compound would be a whole heck of a lot of work to chip off of a wall in the event that one changed their mind. You’d probably have to skim coat the entire wall to fix it.

I’m not as thin and wrinkle-free as I once was, but I’m a dang lot wiser. Yep. Wisdom told me to go ahead and use the faux brick panels in conjunction with joint compound. That way, if I decided to remove the entire thing, the joint compound is on the panel and not all over my drywall. It would be as easily removed as a piece of paneling.

Using the panels would also save me all the measuring. I’d still have to tape off, but I’d just tape where the panels already had the “mortar” line. That would save hours probably. Wise, I tell ya!

So I did just that.

brick panel

Then I smeared my joint compound all over it.

mudded panel

A two-inch putty knife was the perfect size for the job.

putty knife

I resisted the urge to make it as thick as I wanted in one coat, because it’ll crack as it dries.(Here’s a pic of my sample board cracking.)


I worked in sections so I would always have an area drying while I did another area. That allowed me to go back and do a second coat to get it thicker without cracking, but with no down time for drying in between.

brick sections

Then I went to work with my paint just like I had done on my trial board.

This is one of those projects that you don’t finish in an afternoon. Probably not even in a week unless it’s, like, your job to do so. I got bored and/or frustrated with my paint techniques multiple times. I walked away several times, sometimes for days at a time. It was no hurry, since we weren’t actually “starting” on the kitchen until after Christmas (I started this the beginning of December).

I’m still working on it. Well, kinda. I haven’t touched it in a few weeks because we REALLY started on the kitchen, but I am “working on it.” It’ll be ongoing for a while. It’s a lot of bricks and a whole lot of faux painting.

Here’s a progress pic for you, though.

faux painted brick

What do you think? Believable? Tacky?

Tell me what you think