The Plan

The kitchen is moving right along. I suppose I should get to blogging about it before I totally forget what all we’ve done.

First things first, the plan…


That’s the view from the living room (before we moved in, obviously). The kitchen is behind that big X. When we looked at this house, my first thought (about renovations) was that that wall was coming down. That’s always my first thought in a house. It’s not always the first project that we do, but opening up the living room and kitchen is ALWAYS what I think about first. We’ve passed on several houses simply because I couldn’t figure out how to make them open concept.

I used to wonder why anyone wouldn’t want an open floor plan and then one time we were at an open house and this older man said something about how he wished there was more separation for the kitchen. (I was thinking that it was way too closed off and kinda far from the main living area.) He muttered something to his wife about appliances being too loud and wanting a door. A DOOR! On the kitchen! We’d open that thing fifteen thousand times a day. I suppose this is just a preference thing and there’s no right or wrong, but I hope the open concept trend continues forever!

So that was my main objective: take down the wall!

Way back in October, I decided to tear into the wall and see what all we had going on. I figured it would be crazy up in there because the stove is gas and it’s on this wall. Also, there’s electrical. And, there’s surround sound and cable on the living room side. Even a land-line phone. And some European outlets to boot. (Previous owner wasn’t from around these parts.)

eurosurround sound

I knew we wouldn’t be “starting” the kitchen until the hubs had some time off work over Christmas, but I get antsy and NEED to plan.

wall hole

Just as expected, there were gas and electrical lines that needed to be relocated, as well as cable, phone, and surround sound that *I* wanted to pull out of there permanently. More on that when we get to the “move all this crap” post.

Here’s what it looked like from the kitchen side. The wall that’s coming down is where the stove top and refrigerator are. (These are also from before we moved in.)

kitchen2 dining

Obviously that refrigerator was going to have to be moved also. It’s going into the old pantry area, and the pantry will be elsewhere. I literally spent the last year going back and forth in my head about where the pantry would be. I’ll explain more about that when we get to the pantry post.

Also, we wanted to remove the peninsula and create a better traffic flow. That meant the sink would also be relocating.

And then there’s that horrible drop-down ceiling. Of course we’re not keeping that.

So, what’s the plan exactly?

  1. Open up wall between kitchen and living room
  2. Relocate wires, lines, pipes, etc.
  3. Relocate refrigerator to pantry area
  4. Build new pantry
  5. Remove peninsula and relocate sink
  6. Tear out drop-down ceiling
  7. Update flooring, lighting, cabinets, hardware, countertops, etc, etc

We’ve already completed several items on the list. I just need to get busy blogging about them. I’ll be back in the next couple of days with a post about #1.

Tell me what you think