The End of An Era?

My baby turned six yesterday. SIX!! When I started this blog, I was affectionately referring to him as “the three-year old.” How has it been that long? That’s like 62 in blog years. Like, retiring age nearly. (Seriously. Google it. Most are dead and in the grave before their third year.)

Anyway, I made him a Thomas cake. Well, cupcakes actually. And “made” is a stretch. They were store bought because I’m in the middle of a kitchen renovation over here and baking in the middle of a dust storm was the last thing I felt like doing. I did assemble it, though. So that counts.

I don’t expect the Thomas phase to last much longer. I know that it won’t last forever. (*wipes away tears*) And if I had asked him what kind of cake he wanted, he probably would have asked for something much more grown-up and sophisticated. Like Minecraft or Star Wars.

I didn’t ask him, though, because I want to squeeze out as much Thomas love as I can before I let him grow up. He still loves playing trains, but they’re not always his first choice at this point. We’re nearing the end of an era and I wanted to make assemble one last Thomas cake while there’s still time. (We’re also planning a trip to Thomas Land –and several other places–in the fall that even my teenager will enjoy.)

A friend tagged me in this image on Facebook and it inspired me. I made several modifications, but it all came from the Kit Kat idea.


I used the smallest Kit Kats and turned them like railroad ties, placing them into the shape of a number six.

kit kat

I found some Twizzlers pull ‘n’ peel to use for the track. Thankfully, I found a fruit punch blend and didn’t have to use black licorice. The purple was actually kind of a muted color and worked really well as a gray track.



I broke a million of them while pulling them apart, but they were edible since they weren’t black licorice. (Who is keeping that in production?)


Then I used mini Oreos for wheels and attached them to the cupcakes with cookie icing.


I grabbed a few trains from our collection. Thomas was crucial, and Percy seemed fitting for a 6th birthday.


A cargo train carried mini Reese’s cups.


Thomas carried a birthday greeting.


I’ll be back tomorrow with a kitchen post.

birthday dude

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