Pantry Part 3

So, last we left off I had told you that we were moving the refrigerator to the former pantry area and we closed up sliding doors where we were building a new pantry.

We weren’t exactly planning to “build” the new pantry. There would be some elements of building, but it would mostly just be “assembling.” You know what that means, right? Yep! IKEA!


I chose the Pax system because it has all sorts of inserts that you can add on. I particularly liked the baskets for items that don’t go well on a shelf (marshmallows, chips, bread, etc).


Of course I priced out what it would cost to build a pantry, but by time we bought the lumber and cut and measured for drawers and shelves, it just wouldn’t be worth it. It was an easy choice to go with something pre-made. Especially since I already knew I wanted some drawers and baskets. Easy peasy!

I should mention that the Pax system is not found in the IKEA kitchen section. It is sold as a clothing wardrobe, but if you install it well and add kitchen-y doors, it’s perfect as a shallow pantry.

I assembled the frames and the drawers and then waited for, like, ever until we were ready to start our kitchen remodel. Then the hubs installed them after he closed up the wall. He used a 2×4 behind the frames for extra stability and permanence. (And to bring them flush with the microwave cabinetry that will be built next to them.)

back support

We added spacers next to the wall and between the frames so that our doors will have room to swing open on hinges (most Pax doors slide).

spacers spacer2

Those will get painted to match, and crown molding will be added to the entire thing.

We didn’t remove the food from the former pantry until all of this was ready. That way, we could move each item over without having to box it all up and then unpack it later. The hubs added the shelves, baskets, and drawers as I moved food categories from the old pantry.

We measured the heights of each category (cereal boxes, soup cans, etc) in order to get the optimum usage out of our space. (I hate when the shelf is too short for two cans stacked on top of each other, but way too tall for just one.)

space shelvesnew pantry

I didn’t communicate very well with the hubs about the dimensions I needed on this wall.  I knew that I wanted to install the microwave next to the pantry, and I knew that we’d have spacers to account for as well, but I messed up. My bad.

I usually sketch everything out and show him the plans. He just builds what I show him, unless I’ve specifically asked for his help with designing and/or measuring something. So, he just closed up the wall like I asked. I forgot to tell him to extend it a few inches so that the microwave would be a perfect fit. Oops.

It wasn’t the end of the world, but when the pantry was installed, I realized that the wall space that was left looked a little narrow for a microwave. Then I was like, “Duh. I didn’t tell him correctly.” Of course he hung drywall and I taped and mudded, as well as painted, before the pantry went in.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to remove the pantry and tear out the new drywall; there was a simple solution. He added some studs under our new header and then a new strip of drywall. Since the wall had no texture, it wasn’t difficult to mud the new seam and everything was good as new. (Apparently I got in the groove and didn’t stop for pics along the way, but I have this one to show you how much it was extended.)

new studs

It’s now covered in drywall and looks like it was always a part of the rest of the wall. This is the area where the microwave will be built in, but I’ll wait to show you more of it until the entire section of cabinetry is complete. We almost finished it last weekend, and will definitely be done with it this weekend (along with all of the lower cabinetry and the countertops–can’t wait to show you those in upcoming posts!)

Also, the pantry will have doors eventually.

Happy Friday, y’all. 🙂

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