Cabinetry Sneak Peak

You guys! This kitchen is moving right along. There are a couple of things that can’t be done until that one nice, still day before the rains come. That one week in Oklahoma where you can spray paint things before summer. Not too cold, not too windy, not yet April showers or May tornadoes.

I’d prefer to take all the cabinet doors outside to spray them and I want to paint the ceiling treatment outside as well (I need a workshop!). The lighting can’t be complete until the ceiling is. The backsplash is waiting on the counters. One thing hinges on the next, etc, etc.

So, at this point we’re lacking painted cabinets, ceiling treatment (that’s a surprise!), lighting, flooring, cabinet hardware, a tiny bit of wiring changes because I wanted a separate switch for my bar lights, backsplash, and all the million finishing touches.

That’s still quite a hefty to-do list, but with the footprint totally changed and the cabinetry just about complete, it looks like an entirely different kitchen. I wanted to give you a sneak peak of the new layout so you can get a feel for what it looks like in there. Because I know you lose sleep at night wondering about the Mobley’s kitchen.

I’m feeling pretty good about it. We’re about two months in, but we’ve only been working weekends for the most part. Our years of working 16 hour days are long gone. I’ve finally just come to terms with it. When you’re not trying to flip a house and you don’t have money tied up that you’ll get back at closing, the motivation just isn’t there. And we’re not exactly in our 20’s anymore. And our kids aren’t just toddlers who never have activities and games and all that stuff. And I don’t get any work done during the days like I could before I was teaching three grades.

Also, we haven’t hired anything out. We did all the demo and new framing. The hubs has done all of the plumbing and electrical (to code, of course). Together we’ve done all of the drywall and cabinetry. I made our countertops (can’t wait to show you those!).

So that’s not too bad, in my opinion, for six or eight weekends with constant breaks for hockey games and camp outs and father/son lock-ins and birthday parties and laundry (just kidding, we never do laundry) and basketball watching and grocery shopping. I’m typing all of this for my benefit, not yours. I’m trying to convince myself that I’m being “productive enough.” I have serious issues, people. Serious!

This kitchen will not take as long as the master bathroom. It absolutely WILL NOT! We had two other bathrooms to use, but, like most people, we don’t have any extra kitchens around here. (I’m at least a month behind on blogging. We’re much further than you’ve seen. I’ll try to get several posts out over Spring Break.)

So? What’s the kitchen look like these days?

You’ve seen the new pantry in progress. (Oh yeah, building doors for that needs to be added to the to-do list.) I told you that the microwave would be built-in next to that. There will be a bank of drawers on the bottom with a small countertop that will function as the “drop zone.” The microwave will be above that.

Our previous drop zone was at the end of the counter nearest the entry by the front door and classroom side. You could actually see it from the front doorway. Let’s be real here, mmkay? My kitchen counters don’t always look like a magazine. *Gasp!* I know that’s shocking to all of you people who don’t have clutter on your kitchen counters.

(I moved a huge pile of paper out of the way when I took this picture.)

drop zone

It always annoyed me that this was visible from the front door. I wanted to have a drop zone that was tucked away and not in the line-of-sight from the front door or the living room. That was quite a challenge since the entire point of this kitchen renovation was to make it open to the living room. Putting it beside the pantry meant you wouldn’t see it on the living room side.

Also, let me be clear here. I don’t just want to create a place to put all the junk. My goal wasn’t simply to hide the drop zone, but also to create a drop zone that could be better organized. The previous one was literally just a pile of chaos. Receipts, coupons, appointment reminder cards, mail. It was also where the rechargeable battery pack was plugged in, so there was a constant pile of batteries waiting to be put on the charger or just come off but not yet put in the video game controllers or whatever.

The new bank of drawers will house scissors, tape, pencils, clearly marked containers for batteries that are or aren’t charged, usb cables, etc. There will be a drawer solely for receipts because we reconcile every single purchase with a budgeting program. They can get kind of out-of-hand. As much as I wish they could be housed in the desk upstairs, they just aren’t right away. We empty our wallets right here and then once they’re entered, the ones that need to be kept for tax purposes get moved upstairs, but sometimes that takes a while. There will be a drawer for mail and coupons. And probably a tool drawer or two.

I’m not sure what normal people do, but we always have a tool cabinet in the kitchen. Not for everything, of course, but screwdrivers and measuring tapes and a few kinds of tape (duct, painters, electrical) and a hammer and pliers. Usually some sandpaper. Sometimes some caulk or spray paint. Paint can openers and paint brushes. Maybe the drill. Just so that we don’t make a dozen trips per day to the garage.

So enough words already. I’m just excited about the drop zone, can you tell?

We’ve tried to use salvaged/scrap wood when possible.

sneal peak1 sneak peek 2

Dang. This post is so wordy already. Good grief. I’ll do a separate post with more details about all of the cabinetry later. This was just supposed to be a sneak peak anyway, but I guess it would have been better titled “Avone Loves Drop Zones.” So anyway, here’s a quick peak of the microwave cabinet. More in a few days.

sneak peek 3

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