I Kinda Forgot

So, um, I was kinda planning on getting several posts out over our Spring Break. But then I didn’t. And then I don’t even know what happened. Sometimes I honestly forget all about this blog. Or I go to the other extreme and think about it way too much (in a hanging-over-my-head kinda way), but I can’t get to it because life is busy and I just don’t make the time.

I’m literally months behind blogging about the kitchen. If I can see my computer screen while I sit by the pool, I might get that all caught up in June. Definitely not May. May is already too full. June is reserved for nothing but swimming, though, so yeah…maybe June.

But right now I want to blog about what’s been going on outside. Because it’s a bit more timely and it’s what I’m in the mood to talk about.

So, you may recall that this house needed a ton of work, both inside and out, when we bought it. Clearly it was most important to make the inside livable before we could get to the outside.

We have done SOME outside work in the couple of years we’ve been here, including clearing out the jungle backyard, getting grass to grow, putting in flowerbeds, fixing the sprinklers, and the hubs has had a successful garden for two summers now (this year he added watermelon and cantaloupe), but there is/was so much more that needed to be done.

Our house was a rental for a while, and then sat vacant for a while before we bought it. No offense to renters (I used to be one), but they don’t typically care too much about yard work or landscaping. And I don’t blame them. That’s a whole heck of a lot of work to put into someone else’s yard. (By the way, we HAVE had some tenants in our other houses who loved to do yard work. God bless their souls!)

So, simply put, the yard hadn’t been maintained. It took us the first couple of spring/summers just to get rid of all the stickers, clean up five years worth of leaves and overgrowth, and grow grass. This stuff takes time.

The “top” yard was looking pretty good this spring once everything started turning green. All of the hard work (mostly the hubs’) was finally paying off. But that meant the “bottom” yard was looking very bad in comparison.

Here’s an old pic of the front of the house to show you what I mean by the “top” and “bottom” yards. That bottom part (below the retaining wall) might look half decent in the pic, but it’s patchy and pretty much all weeds/clovers.

front of house

I was seriously tired of it. Honestly, it was embarrassing. If it weren’t for the vacant house next door (an elderly lady went to assisted living and her yard is starting to show it), we might be “that house” on the block. YIKES! (By the way, I hear that they’ll be doing an estate sale soon-ish and selling after that. If you want to be my neighbor, now’s your chance!)

I decided that it was time to just start all over. The hubs has worked really hard on the top part, but he pretty much just ignores the bottom (and our sprinklers don’t reach it, so everything would turn brown way earlier than all the other yards).

So, I jumped right in and started killing and/or pulling out everything that was down there. Yes, with unfinished projects all over the inside of the house. Grass waits for no one. It’s not exactly the kind of thing that I can decide to work on in July. Or December.

I can’t show you after pics yet, because it’s not finished. We worked on it like crazy last weekend before it started pouring down rain for three days, and we’ll work on it more this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have some gorgeous pics to show you next week, but right now it is looking like this.


You know what’s funny? I’ve had more than half a dozen people stop to tell me how good it looks. Um, huh? It’s just dirt!

Our house is on the way to the park and lots of people walk by daily. They’ve said things like, “Thank you for doing that.” And “Oh, it’s looking so great!” “So much better already!” One guy said, “Yes! Sometimes you just have to start all over.” These older ladies that walk past almost every evening stopped to say, “That’s hard work!…It’s needed it for years!”

So yeah, the first couple of years everyone was just grateful that we finally did something about the sticker bushes encroaching upon the sidewalk. But now, it seems as if the entire neighborhood will be just as thrilled as I will to finally get this place looking decent. Sorry, neighbors. *Hangs head in shame.*

Happy Friday! Happy yard work season!

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