Back-Breaking Work

I showed you this pic before the weekend.


I didn’t actually explain how much work it took to get to that point. A ton! Like, hurts-to-move-the-next-day work. A neighbor who attends our church stopped me last Sunday morning and said, “I’m surprised to see you out of bed today.”

I’m telling you, people are noticing. They’re curious and they’re happy!

I have no idea what I’m doing. Really. I’m so out of my element with this kind of thing that it’s not even funny. And I’m spontaneous. And hasty.

Once I decided I wanted that yard gone, I just started raking and pulling everything out. And then I realized how much dang work that was going to be. So then I sprayed the entire area with weed and grass killer and came back the next day and started raking and pulling some more.

Then I decided that the entire thing needed to be scraped because what remained (some weeds and some Bermuda) was going to be stubborn. I don’t know anything about yard work, but I know that Bermuda is nearly impossible to kill. We have Fescue up top (it’s shaded by our eleven trees), and it’s so green and thick and pretty. I’d really like it down on the bottom, but I just don’t think it would survive. At least that’s what people who know this stuff say.

So, as is occasionally the case, the hubs had to come in and help me. I tried scraping it all by myself after having been bent over pulling weeds for two days (which ended up being pointless). I just wasn’t strong enough to get the shovel at the right angel to scrape across the top. (It’s much easier to push the shovel down than kinda flat across…less leverage.) I cried. I hate when I need help. And I really was hoping this was a project that he wouldn’t have to spend that much time on.

He scraped a bit and then the rains came (this was weekend before last by time I’m posting this). During the three days that it was raining, we decided to rent a sod cutter from Home Depot. So that’s what we did (once the rain stopped, of course). And it sucked. We had a couple different neighbors over here trying to help figure it out, and it just wasn’t going to work.

The ground was too wet and it didn’t do anything but sink in and spin out. Ever had your vehicle stuck in a muddy field? I haven’t, but it looked like that.

I rented it, but the hubs went to return it. They refunded his money and the guy very politely said that I should have been asked if my ground was wet. Um, of course my ground is wet. Do you live around here? (And that’s exactly why the hubs gets a refund and I wouldn’t have. Haha. Just kidding. Maybe.)

So, we talked about renting it again when the ground dried out, but the hubs decided to just go ahead and scrape it with a shovel. The ground was wet (rain does that), so it went pretty quickly. He made it look so easy. Like butter.

And of course our little helper wanted to jump right in and help. That kid is six now and he’s still so stinkin’ adorable that I want to eat him up most days.

cale dirt cale

So, I don’t exactly know what to tell you. If you want to completely get rid of a horrible yard and start from scratch, rent a sod cutter. But don’t do it if your ground is all wet. That’s all I’ve learned so far about yard work. That’s barely hyperbole. I know almost nothing. Really.

I don’t have a lot of pictures because we were both working and/or it was raining. Pretty much, it started as a bunch of weeds and some patchy grass and then I worked like crazy pulling weeds and grass for two days. But that was all for nothing because then the hubs ended up scraping it until it was all dirt (like in the first image of this post).

That’s the story of how it ended up being a blank canvas. This post is mostly just for me so I can remember how helpful my little man is (and my big man!), and so I’ll have a reminder about when not to use a sod cutter.

Today we’ll be storm chasing, but I’m planning on another post later this week in which you’ll get to see what we did to that retaining wall.

Be safe today! Stay weather aware. 😉


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