Flower Bed

Once the retaining wall was clad with cedar, we could build a flower bed in front of it. We used a cedar fence post (cut into ~ 18″ sections) in the ground, and attached cedar boards to the posts horizontally.

side board

We didn’t use fence pickets for this because they weren’t tall enough to go into the ground a bit and still provide enough height for the side of a flower bed. The boards we did use were five times the price of fence pickets. Eek. See why I went with the fence pickets for the entire wall? Cedar isn’t cheap! But it’s way cheaper than stone. Smells great, too. 🙂

Since we only needed a few boards for the flower bed, it didn’t break us. But I’m so glad we didn’t have to pay that much for every board we used on the retaining wall, because then I wouldn’t have had any money left over to buy plants. And empty flower beds are kinda pointless.

My little superhero helper dug out a tiny trench for the boards to set in as well as the holes for the fence posts. (Maybe his daddy helped a bit.)

cale (2)


cale4 cale3

Then he raked the flowerbed.


I stained it.


And then he decided where he wanted everything to go.

plant placement

I’m not an expert on plants or flowers, as I’m sure you could guess. All I really knew is that I wanted perennials, and I wanted them to be low maintenance. I sought the advice of a neighbor who knows much more than I do, but then I grabbed a couple things just for the color.


Also, I wanted a lilac bush because it smells amazing. I put that outside of the flower bed to soften the corner of the retaining wall. It should fill in that entire corner area nicely, and I’ll be able to smell it when I’m coming and going because it’s right next to my driveway. Can’t wait!

lilacs flowerbed2

Next up: grass.

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