Brick Wall (part 3)

I started showing you my attempt at a brick wall here and here.

After my narrower tape arrived from Amazon, I was anxious to do another trial board. And then it hit me that even if I could successfully pull off faux brick, I might decide not...
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Brick Wall (part 2)

Alright, so I showed you the start of my brick wall trial board the other day. Measuring, taping off, and smearing joint compound around were the easy parts. Next, I needed to try and match the existing brick in my kitchen. Eek.

Not gonna lie; I was not sure...
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Brick Wall

Once all three bathrooms in this house were complete, we could get to work on the kitchen. Finally!

Today’s post is brought to you by classic DIY television. You know, back when they used to teach you things on HGTV and TLC and The Discovery Channel.

Just kidding. None of my posts...
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Bathroom Reveal (part 2)

Next up in the week o’ reveals is the guest bathroom. We did and spent the least in there. Pretty much because it’s only a half bathroom.

Here’s the before picture…

And a budget breakdown…

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Bathroom Reveal (part 1)

First up in the week o’ bathroom reveals is the boys’ bathroom, because it’s the most fun.

Here’s a before picture…

This is a Jack and Jill bathroom. The door that you’re looking at goes to the boys’ bedroom and the doorway that the pic is taken from goes to the...
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Toilet Table

Apparently toilet tables are like a thing now. One more thing we can blame on the smart phone, I think.

When you have a bathroom where the vanity is close to the toilet, you can easily set the phone down when you…um…use the facilities. Don’t act like you don’t take your...
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More Work Less Words

If this blog had a summer theme, that would be it. A seasonal motto, if you will. “More work, less words!”

But this blog doesn’t have themes or mottoes, so we’ll see how that works itself out. Pretty much, I have a kajillion things I’d like to accomplish this summer and...
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I could build benches all day every day.

Remember the dresser that we had in our entryway? Well, I moved it into the kitchen. Not because it belongs in the kitchen, but because I’m doing some space planning in there. You know, for like 35 years from now when we update the kitchen.

This is happening…

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Fifteen Minute Shelf

Psst: Sometimes I totally forget that I blog. This week was one of those times. Someone will ask about something and then I’m all, “Oh. Right. The blog.”

I made a shelf. In fifteen minutes! And it was free!

Remember this mirror in my entryway?

I wanted to put a...
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Bathroom Schizophrenia

Are we still allowed to joke about schizophrenia? Is that a condition that has been ruled off-limits by the PC police? I can’t keep up. I imagine schizophrenia would probably be the worst of all mental disorders, so don’t send me hate mail. But for real y’all…my friend called me...
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Who doesn’t love a good orb, right?

Especially an orb light.

We have recessed lights all around the perimeter of our living room. (For some reason I can’t get a good shot of that with my phone, but here’s a pic from when we first bought the house.)

We used...
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Oh yeah, I blog.

I nearly forgot that I blog. Did you?

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and of course the next few will only be crazier. We’re finishing the semester strong, celebrating the child who made me a mother (He’ll be TWELVE right before Christmas! How did this happen?!), the hubs’ youngest...
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Hi, Y'all

I’ve been playing around with my greeting wall. Not that it has a name; it’s just a wall. But if it did, it’d be called “Welcome Wall” because alliteration’s awesome.

The entry used to look like this.

Then I picked up a new sign and covered a lamp shade, and then...
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Faux Wood. Meh.

Last weekend we were out of town and this weekend was Halloween, in case you somehow missed that. (As well as the end of my beloved Day Light Savings. Boohoo.) We’ve been really busy/lazy/preoccupied around here. And visiting open houses. ‘Cause we’re ridiculous and antsy like that.

But, the hubs did...
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Always Tweaking, Never Twerking

I’m always changing things. Always. Not like completely overhauling every room, but tweaking. Always tweaking. Not to be confused with twerking. Never twerking. Whatever that is.

Usually it happens in areas that I never really declared finished to begin with. And sometimes it’s because I realize something isn’t functioning well. Life...
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*Insert Negative-sounding Title Here*

Psst…I had record-breaking views last week, with 73% coming from new visitors. Based on the titles of last week’s posts that caught your attention, something tells me you guys want to see me suffer/fail. 😉 Well, you’ll be thrilled to know that after 11 years (ELEVEN YEARS!) with no tenant...
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We're Back. And so is Brass.

We got back from vacation Saturday night. We took the day off on Sunday. Well, not “off” off. I had to unpack, do laundry, clean out the car (holy cow!), clean the toilets (amazing how they get so nasty when not in use), cook a couple of meals…just general getting-back-to-real-life...
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"Smile, you're on Candid Camera."

Last we left off, I had finished nearly everything on the spring to-do list. The front door had been replaced, and all of the lighting items could be marked off. So then it looked like this:

Checking Off Lighting

Last time we looked at my spring checklist, it looked like this:

Deck the Halls

I don’t know if you guys are paying attention, but this is three posts in a row with Christmas-sounding titles. I don’t know what’s up with that. I am definitely not thinking about Christmas. Heck no! I’m excited for Summer! It’s just a totally random, quirky coincidence.

So I have this...
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  1. I really love the walnut parsons style console table for $1500- can you please tell me where you found it?
    Thank you very much

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