Duh, Avone

If you’re one of those people who love to wake up in a light-filled room and sing your way through your morning shower and talk to everyone while you eat breakfast…move along. This post is not for you.

Sometimes I’m wrong. I make mistakes. And sometimes it isn’t so much a...
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It Is Well With My Soul

Remember the $2 console table that I made? Do you recall that I said I was stressing myself out thinking about a gallery wall above it, so I moved on to a simpler project?

Well, I just left a few items piled on top of the table...
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Mother-in-law Suite. Kinda.

We’ve never had a guest room before. Well, not since we’ve owned homes. We did have a guest room/office in our first apartment. Not anywhere that you’d actually want a guest to sleep. More like the Room O’ Crap. You know what I mean, right?

Then we started having kids, and...
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Two POÄNGs Recovered

Is everyone familiar with the term Poang? It’s the iconic chair from IKEA originally introduced as POEM in 1977 for $250! It had a name change and cushion upgrades in 1992. It’s now only $69 for the chair frame and a basic cushion. The chair is...
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This episode of Mid-Life Crisis is brought to you by curtain panels.

I love the Petersiks! Love, love, love them! But, being a bit older than they are, and having more than twice as many houses under our belts, I am rarely blown away by them. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great (and clearly they know much more about blogging...
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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who Wants Privacy?

If you recall, we’ve been rocking the paper shades for five months now. We’ve even had company. Gasp. Who have I become?

I don’t know who this new person is, but I miss a bit of the uptightness. Seriously. It was time to get rid of this…

I was actually a...
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That's a Wrap

The boys’ room has been coming together for a while now (you can read about it here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

I did some decorating along the way (the links are all provided up...
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How to Fake MCM (part 2)

But not really part two, because it’s not a continuation exactly. I’m horrible with titles, so I’m going with it. Whatever.

My oldest son talked me into drawer pulls for his dresser. The kid knows what he wants and I don’t want to stifle his sense of design (since...
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Calendar Pop Art

Sometimes when I get overwhelmed with a project, I abandon it for a while and go do something simple to motivate myself again.

The gallery wall upstairs is stressing me out (as gallery walls always do), so I decided to conquer a simple little project to make myself feel like I’m...
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♪♫ Two Dollar Table ♫♪

Sing that to the tune of “Five Dolla Footlong.” Do it. Dangit, I’m serious. Sing it!

I have this little landing at the top of the stairs, before you go into the boys’ room.

I also have three children who can’t seem to find a good home for their coats.

That was...
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Boys' Room Breakdown

This will be another bumpy ride. I’m going to show you the remaining things we have going on in the boys’ room. I reserve the right to use poor paragraph structure, and to jump all over the place with my thoughts.

It’s not quite finished. I have a really difficult time...
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blackout drapes, bolster pillows, brother signs, and bowling pins

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter B. It is quite a miscellany of things happening in the boys’ room. A brain dump of sorts…so hold on to your cohesive writing skills, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The first thing we ever do when we move in...
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Written On My Heart

Okay, okay, one last Valentine’s craft for you and then I promise to move on to bigger and better things. I just love these little seasonal/holiday updates. They’re fun to do, plus they keep me from having to tackle the hard work that needs to be done. And there’s lots...
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Placemats to Pillows

Remember when aqua and brown was having its fifteen minutes of fame?

That is still a lovely color combination, by the way, but it is no yellow and gray. If actresses were colors, Michelle Pfeiffer would be aqua and brown. Still lovely but definitely not Emma Stone or Emma Roberts (who...
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His Banner Over Me Is Love

Since we don’t get the luxury of a Thanksgiving or Winter break from school to decorate for Valentine’s Day like we do Christmas, I have to keep the projects short and sweet. I’d love to just cancel school from February 1-14th so we could cuddle up and watch movies, eat...
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I heart hearts.

I’m not exactly sure why,  but I love decorating for Valentine’s day. Maybe it’s the pink? My desire to decorate a girl nursery unfulfilled?  Maybe it’s mental?  The bright colors tell my brain warmer weather is just around the corner?

I am not a hopeless romantic. I didn’t plan my wedding...
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A Tale of Two Tables

You guys know how cheap I am, right? I had this plan for a new coffee table that would be large enough to serve both sofas (while still having room for pretty stuff), and I wanted to use very large casters. I just knew this idea would be...
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Get to the point, already.

I graduated college in 1999. (I was like 12 then…child prodigy…) I had no clue about my not-yet-discovered style. I slowly bought new furniture with my huge post-college paychecks. (They were bigger than what I’m making now!) I pretty much bought whatever Walmart told me was in style.

If it was...
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Two Lamps and a Rug

I was hoping to show you guys the boys’ room this week, since it has been “almost finished” for quite a while now, but it is still only almost finished AND it is filthy. It kinda looks like you’d imagine a bedroom shared by THREE boys would look. Eek. I...
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The Last Shall be First

Our master bedroom is usually the last to be done. It just doesn’t ever cry out for attention. It doesn’t involve the kids (I like to do their spaces first to help them adjust to a new home), we don’t make or eat meals in there, visitors rarely see it,...
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  1. I really love the walnut parsons style console table for $1500- can you please tell me where you found it?
    Thank you very much

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