Keepin' It Real

So a while back someone said to me that they wish their house always looked as good as mine does. I almost fell over laughing. (Not really. I’m a very calm and collected person.) Not long after that, someone else mentioned how great my house looked. Um, they weren’t IN...
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Karlstad Review

When I met my husband, I had just purchased a new sofa and loveseat the month prior. I had graduated college a couple years before and was slowly buying grownup furniture. We used those for eight years. They were still in excellent condition when we sold them to some friends (who...
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Baseball Game, Birthday Party, Bathtub, Brothers, and Branches

Update: We didn’t catch any mice the first night we realized we had them (with only a few traps). The next night we put out 20 traps (I was serious about putting an end to this quickly!), which you saw in this post from last week, and caught two mice....
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What in the heck were we thinking buying this house?!

Now that my Spring check list is finished (with several days to spare), I’ll be unloading the master bathroom and moving everything to the guest bath (no shower in there) and/or boys’ bath. I’m also going to try and get some dang curb appeal going on at this place. And...
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Pests and a Threshold

So I got an amazing deal on a storm door, and then we had to rebuild the entire house from scratch to install it. Okay, not really. We had this fancy molding around the front door. Well, it may not look all that fancy there, but pretend the color isn’t country blue...
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Backyard Boys

Did you guys know the Backstreet Boys are on tour? They’ll be in OKC in June in case anyone cares. I don’t. I was already a grownup when they were big. But you know something that I do kinda care about? Okay, I don’t really, but it was amusing. Jordan...
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Dirty Laundry

Okay, a long time ago I said that I had a literal dirty laundry post coming up for you. Here it is. Nothing too exciting or pretty, but hopefully some helpful information. The refrigerator, and washer and dryer all stayed when we bought this house. Probably because it was a rental...
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Make it work.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. That^ phrase is uttered much more often in construction than in fashion design. And I imagine even more often in DIY construction, judging by some of the shoddy work we’ve seen. I am even guilty myself. Shhhhh. You know how someone...
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Tips and Tricks

I’ve been decorating the bedroom and I’ll have a post about that on Monday, but as I was pulling everything together in there, it occurred to me to do a post about tips and tricks. I’m not sure if these will be “duh” or “brilliant,” but I hope this little...
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Battlestar Galactica Vs. The Tin Man

I don’t know if those are real names of gray paint, but if not, someone should be fired. I always thought being a paint namer would be a cool job. I’d use food as often as possible. What food is gray? Hmmm… Also, do you spell it g-r-a-y or g-r-e-y? Is...
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