Bathroom Reveal (part 2)

Next up in the week o’ reveals is the guest bathroom. We did and spent the least in there. Pretty much because it’s only a half bathroom.

Here’s the before picture…

And a budget breakdown…

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Traditional Surprise

We’re closing in on all these bathrooms and I’m getting excited to reveal them to you, but I’m already annoyed because I still only have my phone camera and barely know how to use that. 😉 Maybe you guys all just need to come over for a huge reveal party...
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Happy Birthday To Me

Today is not my birthday. But it wasn’t very long ago, and we did this…

I busted into the wall between the living room and kitchen (without telling anyone) while the hubs and kids were upstairs playing video games. (Pretty sure I scared them half to death.) Don’t anyone get...
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Shower Doors and Snowcaps

I’ve been putting off buying a shower door for about…oh…a year now? I knew it wouldn’t be an inexpensive item, and I’ve been hoping/waiting for an awesome sale or a floor model/open box to be available. I wasn’t really expecting that since it’s not exactly the type of thing that...
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Musical Chairs

I got some chairs from OU for $5 each back when they were redoing the College of Architecture. They were originally wood and then I painted them white and we’ve used them at our kitchen table for about four years. They were getting kinda dirty; I didn’t use a paint...
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Black Hardware

I’m going to remind you one more time that my budget for the boys’ bathroom was pretty much non-existent. Is it annoying to hear that? I hate when people are always talking about money, but this blog is nothing if not full of ways to update your home on a...
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Green Vanity

This really is the first house we’ve owned where I wasn’t thinking about resale or appealing to the mass of renters when making design decisions. That’s not to say that I don’t think about resale every second of every day 😉 , but it isn’t always my driving force here.

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Boring Maintenance

We do a lot of tedious maintenance-type work around here that never makes it to the blog. Like cleaning out the gutters.

After all the flash flooding and wind, we apparently had trees sprouting in our gutters. Stupid acorns and leaves and seedlings. Constant work. You know. You have a...
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I promise to have two posts for you next week (already in progress), but I wanted to pop in on a Saturday and show you this…

Green! How fun is that? I love the color and the paint! (No, I didn’t brush those hinges. More on that next week.)

I was...
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More Work Less Words

If this blog had a summer theme, that would be it. A seasonal motto, if you will. “More work, less words!”

But this blog doesn’t have themes or mottoes, so we’ll see how that works itself out. Pretty much, I have a kajillion things I’d like to accomplish this summer and...
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Fifteen Minute Shelf

Psst: Sometimes I totally forget that I blog. This week was one of those times. Someone will ask about something and then I’m all, “Oh. Right. The blog.”

I made a shelf. In fifteen minutes! And it was free!

Remember this mirror in my entryway?

I wanted to put a...
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Guess Who's 5?!

My baby. My baby is five today. FIVE YEARS OLD. I don’t really want to talk about it. :'(

This five has nothing in the world to do with his age. I just liked it because we have five awesome people living in our house. Or four awesome people plus me....
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Board and Batten

If you looked closely at this picture from this post, you may have seen a sneak peak of today’s project.

I actually measured for this right before Christmas, but knew I wouldn’t get started on it for a while. In order to avoid having to remeasure later, I...
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Let them be helpful!

“Let them be little.” Isn’t that the most wonderful saying? I was born 30. I swear it. Long, too-personal story, but in a nutshell: I didn’t have much of a childhood. Because of that, I’m constantly trying to let my kids be little. Oh what a delicate line that is.

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Another Bathroom

Warning: Horrible pictures ahead. Like, even worse than usual. I don’t know what the heck happened.

Progress continues in the master bathroom, but I’ve moved on to the guest bath. Miss Jackson if you’re nasty. Powder room if you’re fancy. (Sometimes I type to the tune of songs. It’s fun....
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Mr. Kallax Right Now

Pssst…we made a teensy weensy bit of progress on the master bathroom over the Christmas break, but not a lot because we forced ourselves to chill. It was difficult, y’all. 

I’ll be back in the coming days/weeks to show you that, but today I’m talking more about the classroom and GG...
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Oh yeah, I blog.

I nearly forgot that I blog. Did you?

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, and of course the next few will only be crazier. We’re finishing the semester strong, celebrating the child who made me a mother (He’ll be TWELVE right before Christmas! How did this happen?!), the hubs’ youngest...
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Hi, Y'all

I’ve been playing around with my greeting wall. Not that it has a name; it’s just a wall. But if it did, it’d be called “Welcome Wall” because alliteration’s awesome.

The entry used to look like this.

Then I picked up a new sign and covered a lamp shade, and then...
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Skylight Complete

Remember one of our original problems with the master bathroom was the water-damaged ceiling near the skylight?

And mold in the skylight?

We originally thought the skylight wasn’t installed well, but after tearing out all of the drywall and getting up on the roof to test for the...
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Faux Wood. Meh.

Last weekend we were out of town and this weekend was Halloween, in case you somehow missed that. (As well as the end of my beloved Day Light Savings. Boohoo.) We’ve been really busy/lazy/preoccupied around here. And visiting open houses. ‘Cause we’re ridiculous and antsy like that.

But, the hubs did...
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